Agents of Shield


Anyone watched This? New season started with a double. It’s interesting.


Yes, yes, yes and yes! That double episode was awesome !! :smiley:


What channel Hammy? I know its a double episode but not on UK TV just yet?


I got it on showbox app for Android.


ahhhhh, i got you, I hear its going to be Space based?
I do love AoS, fantatstic show and I loved Ghost Rider in it too!


Very much spaced base. Not sure if i like it that way, preferred the 1st couple of seasons, but saying that, I did enjoy them


Due on UK TV early next month it seems.


I’d heard it was always going to be non-mainstream characters with the occasional main plot nod to the Avengers stories - hadn’t realised it would have A-listers like Ghost Rider…too much to watch and not enough at the moment though.


@VirulentPip watched the latest one? I have a theory about how it’s going to go.


@Hammy I have! I ain’t got a clue haha, but really enjoying it.


The young kid that went through the change and killed that guy with his powers, will be key to “reforming” the earth. Think about it.


Finally finished this season. Not gonna lie. Had a rear in my eye


You might want tell the misses to to stop sitting on you when trying to watch the TV