Assassin's Creed Odyssey



Looks interesting… Greece is a good place for AC.

How old is this franchise now? The originals must be in need of a reboot…


An Ubisoft exec just heard you say that and has immediately begun production of the remasters and scheduled the remakes to follow. What have you done?


There is an Ezio Collection “Remaster”


Why pip why!!! Brotherhood is one of my favourite games of all time. Will have to get that now.

Currently playing through origins. It’s a pretty solid game. Game play changes are nice and Egypt as a setting is beautiful


Post Launch content has been announced.

Season Pass will include:

Two Story Arcs with three “Episodes” each.

“Legacy of The Blade” will release in December 2018 with the subsequent episodes being roughly 6 weeks apart.

“The Fate of Atlantis” will release in Spring 2019 and follow the first story arcs 6 weeks between episodes.

Assassins Creed 3 Remaster will be included in the season pass.

Between the launch of these episodes will be free content for all with new quests.

Daily challenges, weekly ships and enemies and more will also be added.


This sort of annoys me. It’s not need for this type of game. If it was an mmo or similar then yeah I can see how that would be good but fuck me! This is mean to be a game with a story! I don’t need daily challenges or enemies! Just give me a fucking story that hooks me like God of war, the last of us or assassin’s creed 2!


The witcher 3 had Quests and Contracts add frequently post launch… Considering the vastness of the game I didn’t see a problem with it.

Odyssey has been said to be over 100 hours… So I guess they are going for a completely different experience… Even Origins was very very vast compared to Assassins Creeds of old.

But I do understand you, I am very much for pure story focused games… I haven’t completed AC Origins cause I simply lose track of whats going on in the story.


I don’t mind side quests but when New things get added every day/week you can lose track of the story and that’s why you play games like assassin’s creed for the story.