Dayz. Again


After @adrock mentioned he play it again recently, I thought I’d give it a try again late last night. It’d be a shit day, and running around random places seemed appealing.

It went like this:

Spawned near a village. Hungry, but warming up. Not thirsty. Ran into the outskirts. No zombies. Saw a well. Drank from the well to become hydrated. Looked up whilst sipping water from my heads and noticed apple trees next to the well. Searched for apple. found apple. ate apple. Hunger vanished. searched for another apple. found apple. ate apple. Now it told me I was full - those must be some nutritious apples!

At this point I thought, about 3 minutes into my time survivaling, that I should way up the pros and cons of adventuring onward. If I stay where I was, there would be no immediate danger. I have shelter. I have food. I have water. If I left this place, there is only potential death.

So I considered that a win. But… no. I thought I’d adverture on anyway… I had Jim Bowen’s voice in my head, urging me to check the next house… and the next… “Look at what you could have won…”

Alas, I didn’t find a speedboat. or an Austin Metro. But, I did find another town… bigger. I knew where I was - north east of the map. I also found a baseball bat.

and some zombies.

After batting one away with a scratch - I was bleeding badly. I used my rag. It wasn’t too bad. I moved into town. Not much to be found - stumbled upon the Police station. Empty. Upon leaving, I misjudged the amount of danger outside and ran straight into a zombie. Looked a little like Curt Cobain. We had a fight, which again left me bleeding. (Note: Blood effects are still incredibly bad in Dayz).

So now I was in trouble. No rags. Bleeding… made progress seem a little more urgent. My mind drifted back to happier times… The village with the water pump… and those sweet sweet apple trees. Why did I leave?

I knew their were no hospitals nearby. So things looked grim. I tried to search the more recognisable buildings… the cafe, the bar. Nothing. Then I saw it! - The blue building of a medical center! - Yes.

I made quick movement to it. No zombies nearby. Just as I approached the steps, I saw a figure also moving towards it on a constant bearing. It was another survivor!

“Hey man!” I shouted joyful. He had an axe and a clown mask on. I don’t particularly like taking people at face value… but how else do you take people with a clown mask on and carrying an axe? I ran into the medical center, unsure if he followed. On the floor immediately I saw bandages. Awesome! - Everything is going to be alright… I shouted again “Hey mate, how’s it going? You good?” - unsure of the guys location, but knowing he was close.

I ran out the building, looking over my shoulder. I couldn’t see him. I ran some distance from the building into cover… I needed to bandage fast.

crouched behind a tree and fence, I started to bandage. Then incredibly, I saw him - leave the building and come straight towards me. Axe raised. I couldn’t stop bandaging myself.

As he swung his axe with psychopathic precision towards my head, I managed to yell out my final words…

“I see Dayz is still full of cunts then…”

You are dead.


i just tried logging in and i appear to have been reset to a new spawn on the official hive. time to find an apple tree.


@adrock wasn’t impressed about my new pet wolf in our truck. Probably because she had previously tried to eat him. Just her way of saying hello.


@Jester…you found a working truck…dam u :slight_smile:


actually we found two and had a convoy :smiley:


We’ve found a bus, a car, two truck… and last night, I spotted a 4x4 jeep.

Oh - and wolf packs are insane. If you hear them howl in the distance… you drop whatever you are doing and run.

I was sneeking up on a zed at a checkpoint… literally one step away from swinging my axe… suddenly a pack of 9 of them just lept out the forest next to me! - They attacked the zed… then turned their attention to me.

I didn’t live long.