Football Manager 2018


Liverpool job has come up, tempted to go for it as Roma are in a mess financially, and to keep them competitive there is no quick fix. Wage bill is way too high, and I can’t afford to sign anyone. Just dont want to piss players/board off by going for it.


Finished the season in 1st Place but it was not a done deal until the final game of the season. Liverpool pushed me all the way, topsy-turvying each other until two games left.

I had a three point lead but they had a better goal difference - final game of the season, at home, we beat Southampton 3-0 and Liverpool could only draw.

When I arrived, I promised Champions League spots but we won the League!

Now the summer and time to get rid of some big earners


Liverpool job was gone by the time I applied for it. Sent to Simeone, so I went for Atletico Madrid job, but they gave it to Pep even though I gave a good interview. Roma looked fucked tbh. Projected to fail the fair play as the wage bill is mad and I can’t get it down without selling all my best players and have no-one to replace them. So, will be looking to change clubs when a good job comes up. Until then, just need to hope the champions league money comes in and helps me to the end of the season. Thouh I badly need a few new players as the squad needs reinforcements.


i’m always projected to fail the FFP wage limit but it never does, so you might be able to ignore that.


Been running a loss the last 2 years. This one might be close.


Google “sugar daddy” clubs - they woin’t let you fail :wink:


PSG decided to decimate my front line with lots of funds… took Augbamyang and Mkitarian off me for a combined 90M. Squad is unhappy, fans are unhappy.

Callum Wilson (brought before my time) requested to leave (Italian clubs were sniffing) and then pounced (55M)

My young French defender Diop poached by Monaco.

Managed to resist offers for Neves and Mandragora. Sold Galloway for a tidy sum (8M - brought him in for 2M) as I had managed to bring in Joe Gomez (Liverpool) and Rashford (Man Utd).

Got some nice South American regens - both 18-20. Torn by playing them in the first team or keeping them in reserves to get acclimitised. the 13 Foreigner rule is a pain as age means nothing…

Still need a forward (Capone needs to go back out on loan - but would like to keep him around).

One recognised Striker - Silva but he’s only one man.

I have had to bring in lots of players as Cech retired, Koscielney wanted to leave for a new challenge and Bellerin forced a move to Chelsea :angry: Supporters are “not another one”

And just when I manage to bring in Bernadischi (Juventus winger) not fully fit and another high profile player, whose name escapes me (again not fully fit) we lose the Community Shield 3-1 to Man Utd.

Think this is going to be a tough year. On the plus side, the average age of the squad is down to 24 and I have some decent young regens coming through. Whether I will still be in a job to see them mature is another story.


Andre Silva? I saw him go to arsenal last year and he only got 1 goal in hsit first season, before becoming a regular 20+ a season striker. he’s at man u in my current game and doing well as a lone striker, but i hate relying on one forward. Even with Benedetto i still kinda wish he’d have a rough spell and justify me playing anyone else in his place; Milik is the first second-choice striker I’ve had who’s been willing to hang around more than a season and it’ll be a hard sell keeping him for a third.

Bernardeschi’s kicking some ass with Chelsea in my current game., who’ve you got on the other side?

That’s a lot of money for Callum Wilson, I’ve bought him for 12 and sold him for 20+ before, never seen him go for that much though.

I’m refusing to sign players because i’ve no one i want to drop, and sent a couple of fringe players out on loan. end of the season i’ll be letting ronaldo go (gave him a 1 year contract when his madrid one expired after i had him on loan last season), and sorely tempted to sign Messi at the end of his, though at 34 it’d be for a cameo premier league season at most. I’ve plenty of cash but struggling to find available players in the positions and roles i want. Also experimenting with dropping my AMC back to MC to shore up midfield against teams that sit deeper against me.


First season Silva for me got 6 goals but he was in and out of the side… this is his second season.

On the left AML position I have Ryan Nelson (ENG) - his form is up and down - hence the Rashford buy.

Wilson for me was worth 40M in my Arsenal side and grabbed 15 goals last season, coming on from the bench.

Managed to get rid of Zivzokic (sp) - never hot form for my side (was he before me) - sold him to Barcelona for 58M (he was worth 53M) - I just needed him out.

Milik wont sign for me, he’s happy at Dortmund or whichever German side he’s at. Pellegrini wont leave Monaco nor will Belotti.

World class strikers are in short supply in my game.


I’m no longer failing the fair play but I can not sign anyone as no money to spend and wage bill is still massive! However new season is going well. Unbeaten in the league and just beat Barca 1-0 in the champions league at theirs.

Still thinking about changing clubs but no jobs


Nice job with Roma - I would expect some of the bigger jobs to either start appearing around the end of the Champions League Group Stages, Christmas or if you can wait that long, any time from March onwards.


Benjamin Rollheiser from Barca was my other buy


Striker - dolberg.


dolberg’s struggling at arsenal in my game, but he’s stuck playing on the wing because Lukakau replaced Giroud up front (after Silva replaced him at Man U).


Dolberg is a replacement for Giroud - tall!


Started a new game after downloading the latest updates from Pr0.

Started unemployed and got the RBL job. Went for Euro Cup qualification but ended up knocked out of Champions League Qtr Final by Chelsea and winning the Bundesliga, beating Bayern by 3 points.

Then snagged the PSG job, bringing Lemar, Dybala and Bailey :smiley:


started my current game with two seasons at carmarthen using a 3-4-3 i’ve never tried before, got them into the europa league (by losing a champions league qualifier), two league titles, a domestic cup, turned the club professional, improved training facilities and a full time coaching staff later and i got the job of taking recently relegated QPR back up out of League 1. Made almost 50m transfer profit selling off most of their squad and brought in a hoard of youngsters, including one i’d had at carmarthen. I was 33 wins out of 33 games when i lost 1-0 away to Oldham :(, finished the season with 2 losses and no draws. And after promotion, apparently my target is immediate promotion to the premier league.

This was my championship season:

Now…what to do for the next 5 months…


ahahaha, then this happened in the league cup final.


Spurs are effectively my nemesis, having beaten me 1-0 in an fa cup 5th round replay the previous season after a 5-5 draw at home, the squad rotation preparing for that game resuling in my only other loss in the league last season. But now they can’t score even when i’m missing my ball winning midfielder and two central defenders :smiley:


Setting all kinds of records:




Yeah, take that Man united!


New update released with all the english transfer window transfers