Insurgency: Sandstorm


For those that played Insurgency, welcome to the new game, written using the Unreal 4 Engine.

Video is someone recorded it for the reviewer. It may look twitchy but it is just the play style of the player (not a reflection on the game)

Insurgency: Sandstorm is an unforgiving multiplayer game in which a single bullet is often lethal - even after it has passed through a wall. It is dipped in the blood of veteran military shooters - like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Spec Ops - which means that it feels remarkably familiar, like slipping on an old pair of khakis.


Isn’t this SP/CooP rather than straight up multiplayer shooter like the first game?


I think the SP mode was canned (for the time being) and the article mentions a 7-man co-op.


Oooh Ins with UT4 engine? Yes please!


Yep…loved I insurgency


I found Insurgency quite twitchy. Still enjoyed it though. This looks guid.






Anyone playing the beta of this? £20.79 on steam (with 20% discount) Thinking of just grabbing it.


So gave this a shot. Quite enjoyable. Simple FPS goodness. Not too disimilar to the first one, but some more features, you can call in air strikes, mortars etc by using a spotter class and a commander. But seemed to be a bit OTT at the moment in the Beta. Vehicles also included but not had a shot of them. Some crzy ass drivers out there mind.,


I have enjoyed all the Ins series, so might pick this up :slight_smile:



Might give WoW a rest tonight and give this a go. @Scottyboy, you about?


@n0tch yes certainly am. Think @adrock has got it as well. Il be free back of 7 probably.


i do, and it’s installed now too!

I will be about almost permanently once i’ve been to the post office to claim my three international parcels of mystery, which will be as soon as work fucking does one.