Just updating some elements of the server and having to fix a couple of things. The forum, Discourse (note: not Discord) is a beta project, and prone to needing a bit of TLC occasionally.

Expect some downtime and random server reboots today. CBA to do it overnight like I would for a client.


Ta much the heads-up Jes :slight_smile:


Maintenance complete. Now running the latest version of, well, everything.

There are some new features that I’ll be exploring at some point.


Thanks, I did not even notice.


How long have we had achievements?

Not that I’m really into that sort of thing, but i got one for reading the FAQ and/or community guidelines, and noticed they were a thing.

I bet Oldham can mess up my unbeaten season achievement at ZiiP too.


Is the fact that I was seeing Jes typing on another tread a new thing?


Nope, that’s been in a while :slight_smile:

There is nothing overtly exciting in the update - some behind the scenes stuff.

The main issue was that the auto-updater was b0rk3d and wasn’t supplying a version number. I had to manually update the docker image - which, lets be honest, could of b0rk3d things even more… so images and backups were taken.

Turns out, it all went through smoooooothly.


Yep, did not even notice :slight_smile: as I mentioned. It can be a pain in the arse when you have to update stuff manually, specially if the manual update is not working. Now if it would not have worked you could have used the technical term for that aka it went tits up. My personal favourite.