(New) Humble Car boot Bundle


New thread because I can’t edit the first post on the old one and I don’t want the link getting lost 34 posts in to the old thread.

Finally gotten around to Google Doc’ing my spare keys.

There are a bunch of notes and a disclaimer on the doc I’ll post here as well:

  • Don’t share this link on to anyone else - if someone you know wants a game just ask on the forums or ask the key holder directly.
  • Keys are free on a first come first served basis - if you want one ask on the forums or contact the key holder directly.
  • This Doc is not for selling/buying keys - don’t ask to list a key that you are trying to sell
  • If you have a key you don’t want and are kind enough to want to give it away, message Vred(Alex) and it can be added.
  • DISCLAIMER: This is not a store front, there are no guarantees, there is no technical support and no customer service - It is just a place for a group of us to share spare keys we have and don’t want anything in return for. The doc owner and key holders take no responsibility beyond providing you with the (free) key out of the kindness of our hearts!

If you want to list a key on here let me know and I can either list it for you or give you access to add keys for yourself if you have more than one spare and you’re kind enough to want to share it with the community.

I do share some of my keys with people outside of ZiiP but where there might be a key that isn’t mine to give away I will always make it clear that when I ask if I can have it it is to pass on and not for me - I don’t mind sharing these keys on to you guys if you want to give it to a friend but I’d appreciate it if you said if it wasn’t for you.

Any issues or concerns post up or PM me.


Edit: Added the books I have too - Trickier one since it would mean DLing the file and sending it over, you’ll have to be willing to meet me half way if you want any of the books.