No Mans CooP


span this up last night and, thanks to the world regen i guess, i’m in a system on a station where i logged off, but there’re only a couple of planets and they’re both hostile as shit. thankfully still got my groovy space plane and my stack of cash.

you’re right on the flight being different AND worse; how could they end up thinking that was better, unless their aim is to remove flight from the game as anything other than a transition between first person bits?

co-op could still be fun, as long as we’re mostly on foot.


Funny, when I logged in I was on a toxic planet where I had set up a base. Dont remember doing that, also my ship is wrecked with little to no fuel for drives.

Does co-op start as a fresh game and we need to find each other ?


i got a popup message that i dismissed without reading properly about stuff being changed, but i’d not built a base in normal (faffed a bit with it in creative), so i figured folks with bases would still have them.

no idea on the co-op; i’m not reading up on it as i think it might put me off :confused:


Done that too. Seems there has been a load of changes since I last played. Might leave it now until coop so I don’t get pissed off playing it before then


yup, i quit after flying down to the surface and back, don’t want co-op to arrive and i’ve reached the point of not wanting to do anything.


I’ve done the same but after spending ages filling my inventory with stacks of gold and getting peanuts for the effort. I forgot how unsatisfying mining is.

I’ve started a new char but haven’t gotten attached since there are always weird things happening to NMS on big updates. There is an article about a real life archaeologist going in to the game to document the abandoned and lost player bases/colonies that had to be abandoned when the game updated and changed the terrain on a lot of planets - there is ‘ghost mountain’ which is a collection of floating bases/gear left after a mountain was levelled out by the update, loads of others are buried under the surface some below bedrock no one knew existed.


That explains my base now being on a toxic planet. I was sure I looked for a nice green non toxic planet.


my money came from a planet where the spiky balls worth 50k or so were every few yards of the surface. i flew about until i found a trading post and ground that (for maybe a couple of hours) while i watched a movie, to the tune of about 250million credits, and spent about half that on my ship. mining to get resources you need is fine as you only need nominal amounts. mining to get cash is/was a waste of time.


Quick question, anyone here get themselves a freighter? I’ve only got about 900k in game so way off being able to afford one.


I went back to it when they introduced them and almost immediately quit when I saw the price. I need to find the planet of spiky balls Ad mentions because farming other resources is soul destroying.


i imagine it’s gone given the changes, but it’s just a lottery to try and find another one i guess. How much are the freighters? i never looked into it once my ship was big enough to meet my needs.


Why have I got 27 million in my head. That could be very wrong or I am thinking of a ship from elite


It could have changed now, but the last time I looked one of the freighters was several million before any extras. The really big ones were 20/30 million.

Apparently now a 48 slot really big ship is 160million…

I’ll see about jumping on tonight and snapping some prices from my local station.


Had a quick google there, On redit i saw this

I’ve seen one at 60 Million, it was a 16 slot though.

Large ones seem to be upwards of 280 million credits.

Seems to be making farms at your base is the way to get the money but it very grindy.


I might jump on this tonight to try and fix my ship up and find a better planet.

I have named a planet/solar system after ZiiP, but by fuck do I know where it is. Anyone any idea if/how I can find it?


Had a blast on this last night, found a crashed freighter, got all excited thinking I could fly it, but they are proper crashes! They have a lot of damaged stuff about but you need to be able to dig for them, so nades or terraforming tool needed, of which I had neither.

Still trying to get my wrap drive fueled, but I know there is a crashed ship on this planet, I was after it last night but the marker has disappeared. Hoping to find it to see if its better or if I can steal some stuff off it.


Have they not added way points or beacons in to the game yet?


I set a way point last night for the solar system named “ZiiP Gaming Community” but it didn’t come up. TBH, I cant remember half the controls and they are pretty bad on the controller. Got into a fight last night with a pirate and ended up having to fly away as the fecker was too nimble and I couldnt control my ship.


Played a bit more last night and tried a bit more mining, a bit more research hunting and some ship hunting.

Literally no activity is rewarding or fun. None of it.

  • Finding crashed freighters: Can’t claim them, the loot amounts to expensive to repair objects that you only get nanites from…pointless.
  • Finding new crashed ships: These seem far less common and are a much bigger effort to repair than I remember them being. I do not remember having to repair inventory slots for credits and don’t remember them needing so much to just get off the ground.
  • Mining: Already spoke about this, I know, but I want to double down. It doesn’t make sense, isn’t financially rewarding or fun to actually do. Mining in other games is repetitive but because of the way it rewards you it can end up at worst tolerable. In this game it is a chore to mine stuff, get very little for it and can’t even really carry a haul big enough to make any real money even if you had the patience to sit and mine in such a slow, low-yield way. IT IS SO BAD.

Everything is such an effort and none of it is rewarding or fun. I’m going to keep saying that because it is about as far away from what a game should be as possible but they’ve been working on this for a long time now and not only are things NOT getting better, they’re actually getting worse in places with the performance really getting bad for no perceivable reason.

I will still try the MP, but without a really serious, concerted effort to change the systems in the game this game will never be fun. They could literally just go to any even remotely similar game and rip off the various systems and it would make the experience remotely fun.

Seriously, even though I’m bias and love the game, even if you took the grindy/repetetive mining/trading/ship stuff from Rebel Galaxy and literally just replicated it in to NMS it would be orders of magnitude more interesting to play.

God this game is a big fat pile of wasted potential.


Finally got off those shitty planets I was on, and wrapped to a new system. Went to a nice looking planet, and died in a cave after getting lost and drowning.

However, on the last planet I was on before leaving, I got an attachment for my multi-tool, which gives me more credits for scanning planets.