Adrock and morrow carrying the team as usual basically :smiley:

Loving the fact we’re doing so well together. Hopefully we’ll branch out and try experimenting a bit more. Perhaps a risky Doomfist/genji game? XD


Could do a series of matches where we all pick our worst characters, though then we might fight over who gets to pick Genji or Doomfist. I’ll probably be claiming Widow or McCree for that one.
If we know in advance we’re going to suck (and apologize to whoever joins our team), what’s the worst that could happen?


I played widow a round yesterday. it worked fine until i shot their widow, who then repeatedly shot me.

I can play doomfist. not well enough to get kills, cause damage, or contribute in any way. I guess what i’m saying is, i can select the character and spawn, which are important first steps in learning any character.


So… How does one Overwatch?


elevate your eyes.

or play soldier to get the hang of it until you want to try something more effective? Depends what you like playing in FPS’ really. Best bet is to get it installed and then hop into a game with folk on discord. That’s how i got started and i’m now moderately proficient with 2 or 3 characters :smiley:


Well it’s installed! So that’s one step completed, am I winning yet?


Endorsed; Shot Caller.

It’s overwatch, no one ever really wins. Or possibly you win just by taking part? It’s a grey area*. Just post your blizzard id thing and hop on discord in the evening?

Now here is a video of me shooting some people from last night:

  • I really want a multiplayer game with no win condition; there are objectives, possibly procedurally added as the round progresses, and when an arbitrary condition is met, the game just ends, everyone gets a ‘the game is over’ message, and there’s no scoreboard. I want to see what sort of people would play this game, and consider the question of whether it’s the gameplay itself or the winning/possibility of winning that make it enjoyable. And I’ve just realised that describes our multiplayer games of Civ.


Nice one!! Double Kill! Triple Kill! Quadruple Kill!! GODLIKE! Wait wrong game.

Erm this thingy: VirulentPip#2747 ?


friendquest sent!


Welcome Pip! May your virulence prove equally potent in-game as out.


yay we have a pip!


Welcome Pip! Glad to have another on board!


I did a thing!


Holy shit. Lovely ult!


Prepare yourself for a Play of the Game so amazing, the algorithm selected it over toXander’s Rain of Justice as Pharah and any of the enemy team’s Ult wipes.


Quick question chaps, I always see you on play this but not on our discord, any reason why? I’ve started watching a few of these videos, and its sort of got me a bit interested in it.


Ah! Well, we’ve been using a discord server Xander has lying about, because a couple of the people in our group aren’t ziip people as of yet, and the public channel on the ZiiP server required push-to-talk (which I hate, as I always forget to press it)

One of our non-ziip people (Morrow) did introduce herself on here, but we needed to get her permissions sorted on the ziip discord so she could actually join the Overwatch channel. Given all the stress on Jester’s plate lately, it didn’t seem like the right time to start bugging him about admin stuff, honestly.

Having said all that, Overwatch is excellent and you should continue to be a bit interested. Ferment your interest that it might bubble over, like a fine brew.


We can easily get that sorted, and set up a voice actived channel for overwatch and get morrow permissions for discord. Shouldn’t take long


Overwatch channel is already VA. Has been for quite a while now. Same as PUBG - because Raven & Flexxo prefer it too. Sent Morrow an invite link via PM too.

I appreciate my life is not brilliant at the moment, but I can still sort thing out like user permissions. Due to the nature of Discord, I forget that an invite needs sending.

Done now.


Oh yes! I remember chatting with you about the channel being VA, now that you mention it. It was through a touch of a gin haze, so I admit, the details got a bit hazy with time :smiley:

Alright, brilliant, thank you very much mate. Hope you’re not put out by the wariness to ask for your attention. I wasn’t too sure how much of a job sorting permissions are, as I don’t know discord’s backend at all. Thanks again!