Share your Screenshots


Well that’s a whole load of nope!!


Ahh that’s more like it!!


Since I haven’t posted a game piccy in a while I thought I’d show you this silliness;

That’s me upgrading my pistol with a Riven mod to Rank 30…




Bought no mans sky to mong around with.

Behold my flying toaster! (Not sure if everyone starts with one of these? but I named it accordingly!)

Started off on an ice planetoid with a broken flying toaster:

Visited a spaaaaaaaceeee station:

Found a moon that I swear is one of the levels from DOOM 2016, doesn’t my toaster look cool?!:

Overall impressions so far…1xBSOD (my PC has been doing this randomly so may not actually have been the game) and no janky game shit (yet)


Darksiders 2 love this game ( also steams screen shot file location is fucking stupid


As good as the first one?


in some ways better has a Diablo type loot system so you can change how you play.



How is Detroit pip? I have only seen the odd snippet of it here and there.


Really like it Cheddles, so many story branches and the characters are instantly likable and hook you in.


Not a screenshot…

But after more tries than I care to admit, I finally got a solos win on Fortnite :smiley:


That’s one thing I could never get on with is building defences


Yeah some people are ridiculously good! Luckily none of these wanted a build battle and I won with shooting skill alone haha


Palicos are adorable. Even as the connection isues in the game persist they brighten up my day a bit :smiley:



You know what’s better than an 88mm? Four of them…

They really have done the collision detection really fucking well. I dodged this torpedo by about 30cm…

Cruising down tha channel in my 301…


Oh hey there buddy off in the distance! Good thing we’re on the same team… German Destroyer 3.5Km out… A whole lotta boom!

2 x 533mm tubes of fun headed your way! :smiley:

Well, it turns out that you can take your already researched aircraft with you on missions in Naval warfare… so I took my premium Bf109 with a 250Kg bomb :smiley: Took out a heavy flak barge with the bomb and then dropped 3 aircraft with 20mm cannon fire. I was happy :smiley:


New WoW expansion is out and that evening sky is amazing


:open_mouth: this is now my third win… Nearly 200 games to get the first now on my third 30 later haha