This day, many a moon ago


The stars alined, and the deers hailed Thier new lord! All hail the deer lord!

Happy birthday @NaloaC!! Have a great day chum


Had burf you tree chopping, deer hearding, WT seal clubbing, wonderful guy.

Hope you have a good one and enjoy the weekend.


Happy birthday!


Merry day of birth to Naloac flyer of drones, keeper of deerz!



Happy Birthday to Farmer Caolan! Lover of deer, beer and Sauna!


@NaloaC Happy Birthday buddy!


Happy birthday you crazy Irish/Finnish bar steward, have a bloody amazballs day!!!


Thanks folks :slight_smile:
Having a great one so far. Not even touched a beer yet! :open_mouth:
Jes is prepping the burgers for a change, grillhouse is firing up and the sauna is prepped for some evening sweaty goodness :smiley:


Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!


Kuusi palaa!

(knowing the Finnish bloody language this could probably mean happy birthday too)

Happy birthday!


What did you just call Caolan? :grinning:


Happy birthday!