World Cup


That article… wow… just wow…


Did you see what their manager said? He must have watched a different game from me


I see the quote by Maradona in that first article, but I hear Trump’s voice. Same way of phrasing sentences. Same type of argument.


Well Feck me…we didn’t do too bad o n that one. Well done boys


Best chance England will ever have.


not felt like this since 1990 :slight_smile:

Maguire is the new Platt :slight_smile:



And some extra words.


Thoughts on this evening?

I think England should win. Can’t see Croatia beating England after the last match. They looked tried.


That was disappointing


Hard luck to England lads. I watched the last 20 minutes there out of curiosity. Seemed to be rife with the ol’ tripping and hoping for a foul.


God dam it. We could have finished that game off in the 1st half. Came out on the 2nd half and just lost it.

But we’ll done lads for getting this far…even if we did have a easier run in than normal.


They seemed to freeze in the 2nd half as though reality set in.


Ooooooh, play-off day, our big finale! Is everyone excited?

Anyone even give a shit?

Nope, me neither. Might be different if it wasn’t against a team we’ve already lost to in the last fortnight.

Would you rather see us go out with a bang, or give the squad players who’ve not seen any pitch time get a run out?


As long as Kane out scores Lukaku I’ll be happy!

Hoping both teams go for it and its not like the last match. Could be a good match.


Yeah I hope they put in a 1st team ang go for the win. Not just have a kick about


lets be honest, players will be thinking about their clubs now. Clubs will be thinking about their players and telling them to go-lightly. Trippier looked to have done his hamstring in the last match.

It’ll be a kick about. I predict 3-0 Belgium.


I was looking forward to a great Belgium-England match last time, but nobody wanted to win.

I’m looking forward to a great Belgium-England match today, but nobody cares who wins.



Wasn’t a bad game. Wasn’t a great game. Both looked tried. England came into it more on the second half but Belgium just too much quality.

England lacking a creative midfielder.


You’re not wrong, there’s some incredible talent in that Belgium squad!


Not a bad world cup. Up 340 quid in bets.