World Cup


Keep it coming! :slight_smile:


^^^^ this if i HAD to pick


Sound. Brilliant goal, lets hope for some moments of magic like this.


Or moments like this :raising_hand_man:

Or even better like this

Oh ok then. Or like this…


Anyone got a bet on Spain? I’d rethink it, they have just sacked their manager!


I have Morocco in the sweepstake in work. I reckon I’m in with a GREAT chance.

Of losing my £2 :,(


our sole representative is a player our manager doesn’t want, but he’s in great form which is hopefully doing his transfer fee no end of good; got his first hat trick in their last warm up game. He’s 100-1 for top scorer.


I hear Alan Pardew has offered his services if Spain require them.


Great, and now i have to spend the afternoon raging at nothing because I’ve been reminded alan Fucking Pardew still exists.

Exactly how illegal is it for me to list here the things we’re not allowed to talk about because of his injunctions?


I was thinking if putting a bet on them purely because they sacked their manager.


Well, we are off. Not the best games to begin with but always good to see some goals. Really good goals to be seen though, second, fourth and fifth worthy mentions.

Saudis early on had some nice interplay, nice touches and almost looked like they may have a threat down left channel, but just sloppy and pretty quickly outmatched at every level really. Hope Russia continue to do well for the tournament sake.


Uruguay are going to run riot agansit Saudi


I am in no way watching the match on my phone in work.


Is the fucking vuvuzela back for this world cup? Judging by the shit-noise that is drilling the background of the Iran vs Morocco game… I’m guessing the answer is probably yes.

Can’t fucking stand that noise.


I’ve times out. Match isn’t great


How well did Russia do?!

On a totally not related note: Picture taken from the rooves around the World Cup Stadium during the Russia Vs Saudi game:


That an asp?


I may be “testing” a 70" TV out for the next 30 days at work :slight_smile:


I’ve watched pretty much every game so far (ipad has a use!) - This is becoming one of the best world cups I’ve seen in recent years… especially as all the usual suspects are not firing on all cylinders… Argentina, Germany, Brazil, France… all look tired and off the pace. Spain and Portugal look stronger… but not by huge amounts.

Great win by Croatia tonight


Argentina’s coach needs to be relieved of his duties - his team just don’t gel.

Radio 5 Live for the win