XCOM War of the Chosen


Been looking forward to this for ages, and it was absolutely worth it!

It re imagines the base XCOM 2 Campaign with new bosses and factions. And they are superb fun. The game’s been seriously upgraded too - looks better, runs better, and feels far better balanced. No longer does it feel like you have to win every battle - there’s a lot more flexibility to how you can run it and feels like they’ve made the early game a lot more manageable.

The best feature though? Photobooth! You can create posters of your soldiers, which then appear in your base and in the game levels. It is superb! Really sells the story of your XCOM army over time.

Other things? There’s a bond system now, where soldiers have different bond levels with others and fighting together strengthens them, allowing chain abilities. Also, if one dies it sends the other into a berserk mode that guns for everyone. Which is neat :slight_smile:

Below are some of mine:


Also, recommend the following mods, they make the customisation infinitely better:

Capnbubs accessories
Adds nightvision, berets and other tacticool assortments:

symmetrical arms
Lets you have far more say in how the armour works by adding more varieties. Ignore the error, it works fine with WOTC:


Well, I bought this today on GMG as it was 15% off, saving me €6. Just have to do the 30GB download for it now. Might get a chance to play it tomorrow at some point.


Fucking hell, this took almost 12 hours to download! Looking forward to firing this up, but still a bit disappointed that I have to restart the campaign!


Definitely on my wishlist as I love XCOM2 - but not at that price (£35)… I know it’ll be in a Steam sale by XMAS. I appreciate that it is almost a games worth of content in the form of DLC, but it is still DLC. Would pay £20-£25 for it, and probably will.


Tactical Legacy pack is being released for this on October 9th :slight_smile: For free.

New missions, map editor and some other stuffs.


Looks like it’s time to synch another 100 hours in the bestest best game :smiley: