1 or 2 faults

just sending my crappy phone of to be repaired… only got it in May and yet current faults list…

Sony XA1 faults

  1. screen freezes
  2. phone freezes during calls
  3. cant use data when WiFi is turned on
  4. cant use data when blue tooth is turned on
  5. cant use WiFi when data is turned on
  6. cant use WiFi when blue tooth is turned on
  7. cant use blue tooth when data is turned on
  8. cant use blue tooth when WiFi is turned on
  9. blue tooth is temperamental and does not sync with devices even when the above is turned off.
  10. Battery drain. 40% on a 5 min call. Needs multiple charges per day.

That’s crazy. Hope the phone is still under warranty.
I had to go to the European small claims court to get my money back when I bought a Samsung years ago that turned out not to be as waterproof as they claimed.

Hope you get everything sorted out.

Woah that’s quite a list!

Personally I have never had serious issues with any Sony phones I have owned, but I have had updates that cause minor issues but your issues would seem like a hardware defect or two.

Did that all happen straight after it took an update at all? My Z5 compact went a bit screwey performance wise after a recent update which I narrowed down to an app that I don’t use and then once that app was disabled it returned to normal.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact moment it went wrong. I’ve done multiple factory resets kept it as “clean” as possible, removed unused apps etc. The best fault (which I forgot) the was “application phone has stopped working”

Its still in warranty thankfully, just annoying that there is so many faults in 8 months. I would end the contract, but buy out cost is more than the phone is worth :roll_eyes:


So brought a cheap phone to use whilst I sent mine off, added sim card, same problems. Asked for a new sim, popped it in my phone and hey presto it’s working :roll_eyes:


No way! So the sim is busted and the phone is reading it sometimes.

Yeah, who’d have thought the sim could cause so many problems!

Wow that is mega weird!

The SIM is actually a tiny computer so perhaps it just borked.