100 Years of Finnish Independence

Today, the 6th of December marks Finnish Independence day.

Today, marks 100 years of Finnish Independence. We declared freedom and our own sovereign state after being under Russian (Swedish before that) rule in 1917.

It was attempted, poorly, by the Soviet Union to take it away from us during WW2 and was foiled at a great cost to both sides.

I am privileged to have done my term of national service in the same barracks and location where my Finnish grandfather served during the Winter War, and I hold that honour very close to my heart.

I am proud to be able to call myself a Finn.

Suomen Sisu. Rakas Isänmaa.

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Fair play mate. It’s got a proud history.

However I cannot resist the urge to post this…


Beautiful fella and they beat the breaks off the rushskis

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F-18 hornets flying in formation in celebration:



A nice article in todays Irish Times newspaper :slight_smile:


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Also, this badass motherfucker: Anton Jääskeläinen.

My grandfather. Legend. RIP.

Dude lived in a wooden house in the middle of nowhere in the region of Pielavesi. That house still stands today and is over 120 years old.

Went to war as a volunteer.

Served in Kirkonmaa, an island off the coast of Kotka, about 120Km east of Helsinki. Roughly 7km off the mainland.

Those badass bastards used shitty WW1 artillery to shatter the ice underneath an advancing Russian armoured battalion since they couldn’t do a thing to their armour. Sank the fuckers.

This dude was so cool about the damn thing that he went home one weekend to get married to his girlfriend (to whom he wrote regularly and we managed to collect all their letters and had them printed into a book), then went back to the front to keep on doing his job.

Never, ever did he speak about combat, nor did any of us ever ask him because that was his burden to shoulder and he refused to pass that on to others and we all massively respect him for it.

He would be 99 this year.