1080p on 4k

I’ve noticed watching 1080p video on my 4k tv ( star trek discovery) that it’s a good picture but it seems some what fuzzy is this to be expected due to the up-scaling?

Yes it is indeed

For me it generally depends on the source… Any 1080p stuff I watch on Plex that is mostly 10bit H265 looks great, 1080p blu rays look fantastic in my 4K Player… TiVo stuff is hit and miss…

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I notice a massive difference between running games on my 4k monitor in native resolution or 1080p, kept at 60Hz. Its exactly what he is describing. I don’t know about movies though, I barely have any 4k footage to compare. In general they look great but typically depends on the codec used.


im noticing it mostly on netflix even on ‘4k’ content so im guessing it might be the app as my PS4 pro running games seems fine. the amazon video appwith the few peice for UHD content i could find on there is Good.

You running the Netflix on the games setting on the TV? Or running Netflix via the PS4 and not the TV?

Netflix on the smart TV not on the PS4 so ‘game mode’ is off

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Not noticed anything on mine but I only have basic Netflix. Anything I’ve watch on hd has been fine on the TV.

We’ve noticed some issues with quality on Netflix recently. Ours is mostly weird ghosting, but we’ve also seen the fuzziness you’ve mentioned. We thought it might be our telly going, I’m glad you’ve said you’ve noticed something as well. We’ve not had the TV that long.

I think its Netflx. Its the same for me, sometimes they throttle the bandwidth for no reason and I see a massive dip in network speed consumption resulting in a subpar experience. Its the typical “up to …” excuse. If you run the TV over a pc just meter your connection speed to Netlfix and you will see if thats the case. If its just a smart TV, maybe try finding an equivalent “tool”.

After double checking youtube and amazon prime and comiaring it to netflix yeah netflix has a weird fuzz or light maybe digital noise donno if thats a term.