2560x1440 32" Monitor for less than £200

I think that is a real bargain. I’ve got the 32"AOC 3277 - So I’m guessing this is a slight upgrade. If you don’t have a 2560x1440 monitor yet… consider this. You’ll wonder why the hell you stuck with 1080P for so long.

Note: I’m not affiliated to this item. I’m sharing it because I consider it to be a really good deal :slight_smile:

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5ms response time, = no thanks

No point worrying about 5ms response time in games where there is an average 100ms lag. Honestly, can anyone really tell the difference between 1 and 5ms times?

edit: Yes, I know the two aren’t related. My point is, does 4ms difference really make a difference?


Holy shit!

@GiantKiwi - thoughts vs the one you have, plz?

I WILL be having one of these. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jes - o and if I’m hungry later this month cos of spending on new monitor, I 100% blame you :stuck_out_tongue:


Quick one on this - please excuse my ignorance… If I use a displayport cable, can I still use speakers / headphones for sound? Tar.

Also, what cable (connection) do I use for best resolution - DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 or DVI?

My gfx card - https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/184207/msi-gtx1070-8192-160603-1

EDIT:- gfx output is displayport 1.4 and HDMI 2.0.

I use Display Port 1.4 on my AOC 34" and it transmits sound just fine Brenda :slight_smile:

I want sound from PC, not monitor, see :wink:

And tar!

EDIT:- I after which is “best” qhd signal. Mind, monitor comes with hdmi and displayport cables… :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s just a setting in your Audio options. Just select your output device.

I use the monitor speakers if I’m watching a movie with someone, but generally I use my USB headphones.

No issues whatsoever.

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All these are digital, so makes no difference.

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Fanx folkses :slight_smile:

I did a LOT of reading about about hdmi vs DP. I understood a little bit. :joy:

EDIT:- Monitor (and DP cable) arrive tomorrow. [giddy] And I’m away tomorrow until early evening (probably) so Ima be uber-zited until I get home! :slight_smile:

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I’d be all over this is I had a graphics card that could run games at that res!


Aye, after 2 hours of looking at reviews, I can firmly conclude that Jes is correct. As ever. :sunglasses::smiley:


Forwarding that quote to @Angelclaws


Are you insane man?!! Just bask in the knowledge this statement is out there.

Jeeeeez, newly weds, eh?



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So, away all day to a meeting, monitor arriving today by 8. Amazon used My Hermes… Was within 3 miles at 6am… Fucking MyHerpes haven’t delivered. Useless fuckers. Amazon also don’t have a firm delivery date… Fekin raging. :triumph::rage::rage::rage::rage:

It’s arrived!!! :scream::scream::scream::sunglasses::sunglasses: So, thanks to good old flexible working, I am finishing work early and heading home to set it up. :grin:


Damn - cannot afford this… :angry: decorating comes first :sob:

No, no it doesn’t :wink: Decorating can wait. This may not be this price for long…