2560x1440 32" Monitor for less than £200


And no, I am NOT “explaining” that to Mrs Miccles :wink:


It’s in and set up, but I can’t yet figure how to “force” the refresh rate. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I need to fiddle with the colour settings a bit as it’s not as “rich” as old monitor.

However, gonna go for a derp in Division first at new pixel count… I may faint.


So, how much derping was done?


*is being done.

I done something wrong, as I experiencing “issues” almost like v and h sync are “off” as I getting RGB “legacy shadows” on movement. I got perhaps software dramas - AOC software as well as GForce software / Division settings (I enbaled dx12 rendering, so it may be that). As I’m derping and having fun, I don’t want to stop and dig in / investigate!


O and IT’S HUGE!!! :joy:



I’ve been looking at going up to a 1440 res monitor for a little while, problem is I think I’m too used to a 2 monitor set up and getting one this size would force me down to a 1 screen set up.
First world computing problems :frowning:


I’ve been using a 34" ultra-wide setup now for well over a year (AOC 34" 3440x1440 res) and it’s superb for multitasking, especially in Win10.


Nal - depends. My “OCD” won’t let me have 2 screens of different heights… However, if that’s not a concern for you, and you need to sell your current screen to help fund new one, I’m happy to send you my “old” screen to use as a second. Hell, Kiwi sent it me… :wink:


Also, I sure I did respond…

I’ve messed settings up on this, as I’m getting “legacies” that seem like RGB v / h sync are out or not responding great. I am runnign the monitor software as weel as nvidea, so haven’t wanted to stop to dig in! I having too much fun!


I don’t think it would be too much of an issue for me with different heights, it’s purely desk size, Currently have a 22" and a 24" monitor.
I’m not needing to sell either of them to fund anything just a space thing as I don’t have a large desk to cope with anything larger than what I already have.
I’ve had a nose around and found some semi-decent smaller size 1440s but they’re around the same kind of price as the AOC so it’s just a debate on if I’d be able to cope or if I bite a more expensive bullet and get a wall mount


Re “legacies” - absolutely no dramas with WoWS…

Edit:- but having same “issues” with websites… Is it refresh rate? I simply don’t know what could cause it. It’s almost like (in old crt terms) the guns aren’t co-ordinated into firing the coloured pixels correctly. Or there’s a delay.


Feedback on this. It seems I’ve sorted most of the legacy issues - defo seems to my uneducated and technically ignorant mind that it’s response time. Footy manager 3d pitch view is bloody awful.
Not certain taht it’s not my gx settings driving the pixels, but pretty sure it’s not, as its fine when the players aren’t moving fast. But that’s also yto my tiny mind, a possibility why it’s “shadowing” (the 3 “colour guns” seem out of sync) due to processing the code etc to physics to pushing pixels…
But odd, that I’ve “fixed” that in Division and it’s not present in WoWS nor Armoured Warfare at top settings.


Sorry to hear you are having issues. Mine worked purrrfect out the box - so strange that yours is giving issues.

What GFX card you running?


1070 fing. Nvidia. Tried FM18, Jes?


Not got it - Got FM17. When I’m fixed and can get on my PC I’ll have a looksee.

There is something that made my display look shit… Think it was on my mac though - but might be a similar setting on an Nvidia card (I’m on an AMD R9 390 on my PC)

It was to do with some sharpness setting - but all it did was make everything really jagged and unreadable.


It’s not jaggy per se, it’s like the colours don’t respond evenly…


I had a problem on my ACER where it was “ghosting” when ever i moved the mouse and in games. Left a white blur behind it. Found out it was a gaming button on the monitor itself that was causing it. Put it back to default and all was good.


Great shout, Joe.
turns off overdrive function on monitor

Sorted. :grinning:


:slight_smile: I have some uses :slight_smile: