3d printer recommendations

I have always found DPD to be the best. Yodel and Hermes are a fucking joke.

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What @n0tch said. DPD here are brilliant.

The drivers know where I live (this is a big thing) and they have always been nice to deal with.

UPS is garbage and some of the others are unreliable for times.

I’ve had DPD drivers take a 10-15 minute break somewhere on the road so that I can drive out and meet them (easier for me to do that than have them attempt to circle back around to me) if I ask them. :slight_smile:

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Well… here is my experience. They keep delivering everything in the management suite despite multiple requests to not do that, they do this even when I am home. I had to RMA the case that I got and they “lost” it for multiple days…

That sucks man :confused:

We have a very limited number of drivers for the couriers here, so there is usually one or two guys who are from the area anyway. DPD lads know that if there is nobody home, that they can drop it into the shed for me out of sight.

1Kg filament, tweezer set and the callipers all arrived on Friday.

Printer should be here in about 2 hours.


Fucking printer has been delayed by a week :confused:

Was it DPD?..

Dirty penetrative dildos


That about sums up most of their drivers down here

No, apparently it’s still with Amazon.

DPD are saying “we have your consignment number, but we’ve not received any parcel yet”…

Amazon are saying It’ll arrive some time between the 22nd and the 29th of October. If it hasn’t arrived by the 30th, then I’ve to contact them.

If it’s not arrived by then, I’m cancelling my order and buying it direct from Anycubic.

No update at all from Amazon or from DPD, so I’ve cancelled the order.

Once the refund goes through, I’ll order directly from Anycubic themselves instead.

Annoyed, but what can you do?


Wouldn’t be this stupid brexit messing with shipping would it? Keep seeing messages on the m6 about lorry drivers an such for November?

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I wondered what these were too.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and a 3D printer will just land on my doorstep in the next week.

I ordered a screen for Aila from OCUK the day after I ordered the printer and it arrived on Monday (hence why I got excited) with DPD. So I doubt it’s anything to do with that.

I’ll wait for the refund to come through and I’ll order it directly from Anycubic themselves.


When it arrives print a big veiny dick and send it to Amazon customer services.


Came across this from the Prusa company, pretty fucking cool!

It’s well out of my budget, but it’s something to consider down the line if I get into this.

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I would printer a tiny limp dick. Why send them something that they might construe as doing well?

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Ok, I’ve received my refund!

So, do I order from Amazon again, or go direct to Anycubic?

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Well, I ordered from Anycubic themselves in the end.

€110 cheaper than from Amazon with free shipping. I might get stung by customs, but it’ll still end up being cheaper than from Amazon. I should have it middle to end of next week.


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