3d printer recommendations

That corgi print had to be separate parts due to my 120x120 build plate!

I have been learning more on how to split up STL files to fit on the build plate but having a “play” and good results with a small printer has made me want to upgrade to a bigger printer!

I suppose I could print parts to build a new printer! That’d be interesting/diffiucult! :rofl:

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The Prusa approach! :smiley:

The i3 has a 210x210x205 build volume. It’s pretty much perfect for what I’m primarily going to be printing (tabletop terrain), but if I enjoy this enough, I’ll be looking at bumping that up to something like a CR-10 in due time.

For now, it’s all about learning the process.

@n0tch sent me a link to some really good articles on processes:




So, after 21 hours and 6 minutes… The first batch was done!

A lot of stringing going on. Lots to tinker with.

SO MANY SUPPORTS! Once that stuff was cooled, it took about half an hour to clean that panel up.

I broke a few bars on the model, but they can just be glued back into place.

Like I said… lots of supports. And cleaning.

The end result. I have a floor tile running at the moment.


I thought the broken bars added to the effect

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Hmm, that is a lot of stringing. I would look at your retraction distance and speed. Up both a bit. Print small jobs to dial that in.

Also investigate piece placement to avoid excessive head travel.

Also, play around with piece orientation on the bed to minimise supports. You may end up printing less in one job, but if it goes to tits up you only have one bit to reset.

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All of this.

I am printing a single piece at the moment, I’m pretty sure that’s going to come out nice and smooth if the owls are anything to go by.

I had the pieces laid out on the printbed in a really stupid way. I didn’t consider that it would travel so far and jump from the pillars in one corner all the way over to one of the wall plates at the opposite corner (20cm travel).

The model supports are meant to be doable with minimal, or no supports, but Cura had different plans.

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Well, I’ve been printing off some singular pieces today and they’re coming out perfect. Only support columns for the corners of buildings, but it’s working great so far.

1.5 hours per column. 10 layers for the top, moat adhesion, 60% build speed (60mm/sec), 180° on the hotend.

Discovered that 170° will simply not adhere to the printbed (60°).

I got another KS scenery STL batch, so trying a few of those now. Matches the other one in terms of connections.

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I found that making sure the bed was uber clean was a massive help:


Also, turn off the hot end fan for the first few layers.


I was wondering about this. The hotend and printbed find home, then when it goes to start printing there is some stringing. I quickly remove it with the tweezers (the packaged tools that came with it are actually quite good!), and there’s no issue :slight_smile:

This is what I’ve printed off so far now. I added some extra support poles for the 2nd level and damaged walls. Now I have enough poles to start on a 2nd structure.

Did have one failure today though. A few dodgy layers early on meant that it snapped mid-print and just caused abig lump of material to print.


Testing out a sliding door piece from Dragons Nest “Zone Fatalis” system.

I should have dropped the infill percentage down to 10-15%, I had it set to 25%…

Will be done by this evening, then I just have to print the top part and glue it together.


Stage 1 took just over 18 hours to complete.

Printing the top now, will probably take about 8 hours to complete.


Noticed this on black friday deals so just posting in here. I have no idea if this is any good or even well priced. Anyway some discounted Filament.


I’m already waiting on another 2 spools of filament.

Printed this off today, along with another batch of walls. Annoying supports that caused a bunch of the surrounding pipework to snap, but fixed most of them.


Just catching up on this thread. Impressive stuff guys.

I ordered 2 spools of PLA from Anycubic 2 weeks ago and it still hadn’t arrived, so I shot them an email, expecting a refund…

So in the interim, I went to Amazon and bought 4Kg of PLA instead! :smiley: … Then I got an email from Anycubic saying that their purple had been out of stock and they’re shipping it all today…

So, I’m not going to be short on filament for a little while at least :slight_smile:


@vredesbyrd There are some freebie STL files available on Dragons Rest for scatter terrain and stuff like that if you’re at all interested.


These are pretty damn sweet

Well, this is the current stockpile of printed stuff so far!
image image image


How sturdy is that plastic? Lets say that if I needed a spacer with screw holes to hold around 2kg would something like that be possible?

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