3rd gen ipod woe

hello trying to add some new songs to my ipod its the little 3rd genny one for work
it is the first time adding new music since i upgraded my rig
and the problem i find is every time i plug in my ipod
it freeze itunes
it shows up in my device manger as a disk
its confusing me no end
iv tried installing an older itunes
iv tried itunes in safe mode
iv tried resetting the ipod
iv gone into the debug mode on the ipod an prodded the greenness
now im at the point where i have unplugged it and called it a twat
any ideas?

ps. it also shows up as a remove-able disk

When you plug it in does it appear in device manager? If it does, check to see what it is installed as and if there is a newer driver. I’ve had devices that Windows has freaked out on me with before and installed the next best thing when it couldn’t find the exact driver (for whatever reason).

Another one I’ve had with USB devices is them not liking the front panel connectors and sometimes certain ones on the back panel. Try it in another slot, if you have USB 2 and 3 ports on they should be different colours (usually Blue or Red, though sometimes Red is E-Sata).

After that I might try a factory reset on the iPod then look up to see if there is any kind of software update for the iPod that you can install without iTunes.

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It just won’t mount it shows up as a removable disk and in device manager it shows up in the disk drive but once connected it freezes iTunes and I can’t uninstall it freezes device manager
And it also freezes my computer when I try to restart :neutral_face: but once disconnected its all bells an whistles iTunes unfreezes device manager tells me it can’t uninstall the device etc etc yadda yadda.

I tried downloading an ipod updater - ipod won’t mount

Tried uninstalling iTunes completely
I don’t think I can give it a full factory reset
As nothing detects it when it’s connected

It’s a twat I’m gonna try a different cable tomorrow as it’s in the van at the moment