4k UHD tv

Whats the deal/difference in them all? Getting a bit confused at all this 4k tv/UHD tvs/Ultra HD tvs

What should I be looking for? @VirulentPip you seem to be the man in the know with all this

What’s your budget? You want to make sure it’s Certified UHD or Certified Premium UHD for starters. There will be a logo on them.

Not sure on budget, but wouldnt want to push much more than 500. Just looking at the minute. Need to clear things with the missus! lol

Okay. My mum’s TV was just replaced via Insurance she got a price replacement seems very good for a 2018 model… Samsung 49" NU7100 for £549.

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or wait for 8k :smiley:

Haha. What we need is people to buy into 4K first… Be a wee while longer till 8K is consumer friendly… I mean heck people are still buying DVDs when Blu Rays have been out for over a decade.

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but unlike 4k, 8k has the might of Japan and the Tokyo 2020 olympics to push it! Or at least that appears to be Japan’s plan. I’m not sure it’s a good plan, there was a world cup or european championships that had 3d broadcasts and it wasn’t enough to save the format (in terms of live 3d broadcasting; Coraline made the case for 3d being a cinematic option).

My TV unbroke itself while i was looking at new TVs so i’m stuck on the wait and see train anyway :confused:

If you’re not really committed for the moment, I’d recommend hanging on. The issue is that while you can get 4K screens at a budget, the underlying tech for the budget screens is still pretty weak so long-term it could still feel like a bad investment.

I know it’s both unsatisfying and kinda obvious to say ‘wait and technology will improve’, but I’d wait till either your budget can slip up a few hundred or TVs come down to meet you, as you otherwise might find yourself with about 8 million just ‘okay’ pixels. Sadly, a good screen isn’t as simple as that.

Oh for sure. That’s why mines worth just over £1200 lol

Edit - However I might add… Every tech has an entry, mid and high point for reason… But yes generally even like £100-200 extra with these kinds of things gets you much more.

TBH, I just want something to play my PS4 Pro on, though it will go in the livingroom which means the wife will have control of it. At least I get a better tv for the man cave then though.

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Yeah makes perfect sense, not everyone needs the best of the best… Like the TV I mentioned, that will be perfectly fine for my mums needs for years to come. She has a 4K Blu ray player and watches 4K stuff on Plex and TiVo. It’s all down to what your needs are… If you could though, I’d recommend the lil extra £50-£100 more for the NU7400 model as the extra spec you get is definitely worth the small extra.

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Thoughts on this on @VirulentPip


Can’t go wrong with that, but for the same price I’d personally go with this for the HDR10+

Oh wait oops that’s 43" lol ignore that


The one I mentioned before. £100 less than the Sony but better tech wise.


Thank you good sir! Getting new tv unit so will of course need a new tv for it.


Nice Hammy…i would always go Samsung over Sony

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With Sony, you’re still paying for the name.

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If you’re ever after a 4K Blu-ray player…

Zoom have an amazing offer on.

Samsung K8500 with 5 films for £199.99

  • Jason Bourne
  • The Shallows
  • Split
  • The Great Wall
  • Chappie

This may be arriving on Saturday.