4k UHD tv


Nice one! If ya need a hand with settings etc gimme a shout.


Cheers Pip. There much to setting it up bar connection the sky/pus4 and the wireless for the smart functions?


Yup, making sure you get HDR to your PS4, the right video settings. (Trust me, default settings look like ass) oh and setting up game mode.


Expect facebook messages at some point on Saturday then! lol


@VirulentPip why are games not full screen!!!


Never mind! Fixed it and ho Lee fuck! God of war is stunning in 4k!!


Got HDR turned on? Game mode will help too with input lag. But it then auto turns on sharpness in video settings which will need to be turned the zero as it’s gross lol


As I live in South Korea the birtplace of Samsung I would either go with a LG or Samsung 4k TV. They are really good, but also kinda more expensive over here then back in Europe. I love my 4K LG monitor (not TV) with IPS panel. Its bloody gorgeous! Not sure how that translates over to TVs though but comparing specs to Sony they seem to be a bit ahead everytime or have some desireable features.