A new Alien game?!

So I just read that 20th century fox have registered a trademark for a new Alien game :crazy_face::smiley:

Apparently it will be called Alien: Blackout but there is no info as to whether its a sequel to Alien Isolation or not but I really hope that this is a thing and that the game is awesome!

I’m still doing my nightmare mode re-playthrough on Alien Isolation!

I can’t be the only one thinking: “Please be a thing and please be good!” :upside_down_face:

Source: https://www.hardocp.com/news/2018/11/24/20th_century_fox_trademarks_alien_blackout_for_upcoming_video_game/


Please be good, please be good, please be good

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We can but hope.

@ChEd did you revisit Colonial Marines after that AI fix?

Actually I haven’t yet! Once I’m done with Isolation on nightmare I might go edit that ini file and play the game again for a laugh :smiley:

I wanted to try the mod that overhalls the game completely too but I forgot about that too until you mentioned Colonial Marines again :slight_smile:


What are the chances it’s going to be some bullshit MOBA, Battle Royale, or trending cash-in bullshit? :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind at least a mode along the lines of Sanctum.

Screw cash-grabs though.


I read it is supposed to be featuring a persistant world.

You have got to be fucking kidding me…

It’s a fucking mobile game :angry:

You beat me to it Caolan.
That said I tried playing isolation twice and stopped before you meet the alien because I was nearly wet my pants just opening a vent


Oh FFS. What’s the fucking point.

I was just about to post this… But I cried first instead…

I mean, to be fair, an Alien-brand assymetric battle royale could be kinda cool…

The point is a critically acclaimed, beautiful and terrifying game was made but because they didn’t realise that the target demographic for it wasn’t as big as COD they are now going to go and screw it up like Dead Space was screwed up

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The age old saying “if first you don’t succeed sell out”


Good point.

Ah man I was hoping that this could have been good!