A note on Privacy

I have noticed a fair few of you have put your real name in your profile. This is purely optional.

Please remember that the forum is public and by putting your real name with your gamer tag means that there will be a searchable link if someone wants to find out who you are.

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Ahhhh good point Jes…just that it was on the sign up part…didnt know it would be shown.

Very good point.

Any of you used that Have I been PWNED site? Searches for instances of your email address list from data breaches? I used it yesterday as they discovered a 711 million listing from a spambot. Fortunately clean bill of health.

I was skeptical about a site that asks for your email to check your email. I know my emails have been compromised in the past… I don’t believe they got my passwords though - and I now use a password manager.

Yeah I was too. I decided to take a punt. My results were ok. My mum and the misses however, had come up on breached lists. It was referenced on a few reputable sites which I dont think would share a dodgy site. So hey ho.

fake name now in use :smiley:

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