A "The Division" Question

I have been wondering recently if my I5 2500K is being a bit of a bottleneck paired with my R390. As I am currently playing The Division quite a bit I thought I would use this as a test. It seems this might not have been the best game to test this with as this and a few other Ubisoft games have had 100% CPU issues in the past and currently.

The game plays really nice, but my CPU is always 99-100%. What CPU are you using and what loads are you seeing?

I’ll update you with the load when I get home, but I’m running a 5820k/8gbDDR4/980 and I’m getting performance issues since the recent updates.

Stutter, rare but serious freezing (total lockup for 20 seconds or more), texture pop-in, artifacting. I don’t think I’m the only one either - I’m sure a few others have mentioned some iffy performance.

Fuuny, I was think the same about my beloved i5 2500k though not with the Division. It’s still running anything I throw at it, along with my GTX970 and 16GB of RAM, so hoping it holds out for another year or so before looking to upgrade. It is nearly 7 years old now.

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yup, FPS was fine but it was all over the place in terms of stuttering at the weekend, while it was fine whenever i last played however long ago that was.

I’m on an i7 5820K with 16GB RAM and an nVidia 970 4GB, and I usually sit around 30-40% CPU load, but RAM is up around 60%.

I’ve been getting a framerate drop after about a half hour which drops the FPS from a steady ~45fps to about 12 or less, but that clears up when I either fast-travel somewhere or respawn.

Well I’m running a “worse” CPU than a 2500k!

It’s a Phenom II which is technically a dual core that I have unlocked using a motherboard feature to a quad and then clocked it up from its native 3.2GHz to 3.6GHz.

I too show 100% CPU load but my experience is smooth and I hardly ever see any stutters and I can count the number of times the game has crashed entirely, since I have owned the game, on one hand!

My GPU is a 680GTX with a 2GB frame buffer and my system RAM is only 8GB and this thing is STILL running all the new games that I have thrown at it!

I saw some slowdown in wolfenstein II but that’s the only recent game that has given my old rig any trouble, DOOM 2016 ran great on my system.

Naturally I’m not running games on ultra settings these days but its usually medium or high settings but I don’t expect this thing to be able to handle the new stuff on maxed out settings as its simply not capable of doing it :slight_smile:

This is exactly why I am thinking UbiSoft still have CPU load issues under certain setups.

I think I’ll test for bottlenecking in something well optimised and reliable like The Witcher 3 :racehorse:

Is The Division engine in anyway related to the R6 Engine does anyone know?

I’m running i7 2600K on 16GB DDR3 with the same 390 as you mate - and times when I did play The Division, I thought it ran very smooth… although I haven’t run it recently, so it is possible that subsequent patches might have effected it.

Equally, Hayley’s i5 2500K outperforms my i7 2600K on some games - as her’s is OC’d by Scan… and not many games make use of the HT bonuses of the i7 over the i5.

So next question is, are you running your 2500K as stock or clocked?

Good point, I have clocked mine via my lovely ASUS MB to 4.2 I believe.

4Ghz overclock here. Never gets above 60degs so might just push it a bit more.

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The Division has it’s own Snowdrop engine and R6 uses Anvil.

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Coolio - so I’d be surprised if your experience with R6 would be replicated in The Division… but you never know.

4GHz is pretty fast already.

So i7-4770 here running at about 3.9 on all cores when boosting. CPU usage goes between 60-90% during gameplay. 100% when the game is loading. It does need to push data on to the 2x380s.