A Way Out

This looks interesting. A bit different too all other games about, co-op only but you only need one copy for 2 people to play.


Not sure the game’s for me but that is a decent offer about the need for only one game per couple so to speak.

Two player story coop?

That it is with only one copy of the game needed.

Ahh local/couch coop only then?

Nope online too. You Just invite the other player in. No idea how it works.

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Wow ok, I’d love to see how they’ve pulled that off. There must be a launcher or something!

So, EA appear to have either lost their minds or are really pushing hard to win back the trust they’ve lost with Battlefront 2: Not only does only one of your need to own the game but it’s only £25…

I’m going to watch some gameplay rather than just jump on it because despite the consumer friendliness, it is still EA and the reviews seem pretty mixed.

I’ll post up any decent videos I find and if I get it post up some thoughts.


Not sure if this will help you decide to buy or not…


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Massively into giving this a go. Looks like an interesting movie/game blend in terms of the strong sense of ‘style’, and Brothers was fantastic. I have high hopes.