A-Z Films

Like Hammy’s earlier game of an A-Z of bands from your spotify, I thought why not try it with film titles.

What I am hoping you will all try and play to help alleviate the boredom but could also provide inspiration for others to look at films they may have overlooked, forgotten about etc.

If you can think of your ultimate A-Z of films that you would watch over and over again. I am not interested in “what the critics say, or your peers, friends etc.” This A -Z list must be personal to you.

The reason I say this is that some films you state maybe left-field for others and people may be interested to know more and who better to give insight than you, a trusted friend.

Now A-Z may sound easy but you could have many titles under the “Letter” so, add up to 3 films per letter.

For instance (please note these are just examples):

“S” - Sound of Music, the; Scorpio, Scent of a Woman

Please note the film “The Sound of Music”, I have made the “The” a secondary part of the film title to allow it to sit under that the letter “S”. In many cases, you will be able to do this but in others such as “In the Line of Fire”, the “In” is a major part of the title so could not be converted to “The Line of Fire, in” as it makes no sense.

So requirements, the film must be something you have watched a minimum of 3-5 times - no maximum.

I will start off but will return again and again to my post as I will refine my list to films that float back from the darken corners of our minds.

There is no limitation to the films as these are your choices so if you watch a tibetan crime caper involving monkeys and man-pigs go for it; if you have a porn flick you always watch choose that too but add a “NSFW” against it in case people go searching for it online at work.

In some cases, you may select a film title that has many films of the same name so you might want to add the star of the film or year it was released; for example "Hound of the Baskervilles, the (Basil Rathbone).

I hope you participate in this.



I think there are only 2 films that I’ve watched 3-5 times! lol :sweat_smile:

A - Accountant, the; Apocalypse Now; All the Presidents Men;
B - Bladerunner; Bullitt; Battle Royale (subtitles)
C - Cannonball Run;
D -
E - Escape From New York, Enter the Dragon (Bruce Lee), Equilibrium
F - Filofax (James Belushi); Fight Club; Flash Gordon
G - Great Outdoors, the (John Candy); Green Mile, the;
H - Highlander; Hound of the Baskervilles (Basil Rathbone); Hamburger Hill;
I - Interstellar;
J - Jaws; Jungle Book (animated)
K -
L - Lethal Weapon; Longest Day, the; Lincoln Lawyer, the;
M - Mississippi Burning (Gene Hackman);
N - Nineteen Forty-One (1941 John Belushi);
O -
P -
Q -
R - Raiders of the Lost Ark; Ronin; RED (Bruce Willis)
S - Spy Game (Robert Redford); Sleepers (Jason Patric)
T -
U - Underground 6;
V - Vampire’s Assistant, the (John C Reilly); V for Vendetta;
W - Wrath of Khan (Star Trek 2); Weird Science
X -
Y - You Only Live Twice;
Z - Zulu;

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Then fill in your favourite films - I know lots of people who only need to watch a film once and never see it again.

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may help jog memories, replace the “_Letter” with the one giving you trouble.

Starter for now. Il add in time.

A - Apocalypse Now
B - Black Hawk Down, Big Trouble in Little Chine
C - Crimson Tide, Collateral.
D -
E -
F - The Fifth Element, Fish Called Wanda
G - Goodfellas
H - Heat
I -
J -
K -
L -
M - Munich
N -
O -
P -
Q -
R - Red Dawn (Original)
S - Saving Private Ryan, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
T - True Romance, Two Days in The Valley
U -
V -
W -
X -
Y -
Z - Zulu


A - Armageddon, Akira
B - Back to the Future, Blade Runner 2049
C - Crimson Rivers, Crimsontide, Contact, Clear and present danger
D - Die Hard
E -
F - Fifth Element (The), Fugitive (The)
G - Ghost in The Shell, Gremlins, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghostbusters
H - Hangover, Hellboy, Hunt for Red October
I - Inside Man
J - Jurassic Park, JFK
K -
L - Last Crusade (Indiana Jones 3)
M - Men in Black, Mummy, Mad Max Fury Road
N - Naked Gun (The)
O -
P - Princess Mononoke, Police Academy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Password Swordfish, Patriot Games,
Q -
R - Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones 1)
S - Spaceballs, Spriggan
T - The Core
U - Uncle Buck, Unbreakable, Untouchables
V - Voyage Home (Star Trek IV)
W - Waterworld (guilty pleasure)
X -
Y -
Z - Zombieland

I watched some maybe only 3 times, others far more. Especially if it is staring Harrison Ford. My absolute go to movies are Indiana Jones 1 & 3 (Temple of Doom sucks).


Nice one Mic!

No idea if I can do this justice, going for the best that spring to mind

A - Akira; Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
B - Blade Runner; Back to the Future; Braveheart; Batman; Betelguice; Batman Begins
C - Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Children of Men
D - Die Hard; Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid; Dark Star; Don’t Look Now (ok, only a couple of viewings); Deliverance; Drive
E - Empire Strikes Back; Empire of the Sun; Ex Machina; E.T.; Enter the Dragon
F - Fight Club; Flash Gordon
G - Ghostbusters; Gremlins; Good the Bad and the Ugly
H - House (great 80s horror)
I - Incendies; Inception; Interview With the Vampire
J - Jaws; The Jerk
K - The Karate Kid; Killers (Woo in da House)
L - Logan; L.A. Confidential
M - Mad Max and Mad Max: Fury Road; Maltese Falcon; Millers Crossing
N - No Way Out
O - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest; Ong Bak
P - Pan’s Labyrinth; Poltergiest
Q -
R - Roadhouse; Return of the Jedi; Rocky
S - Superman; Star Wars; Spirited Away; Seven Samurai; Saving Private Ryan; Stir Crazy
T - The Thing
U - Underworld; Unforgiven; Untouchables, The Usual Suspects
V - V for Vendetta
W - Winter Soldier; Way of the Dragon; Way of the Gun
X -
Y - Young Frankenstein
Z - Zulu


Nice one Spoon; V for Vendetta - awesome film!

Updated mine some more


I forgot about Akira, didn’t watch it in a few years but before quite a lot. V for Vendetta is awesome too. This Zulu keeps popping up. I will try to get my fingers on that.

I didnt put any Star Wars on the list, BUT if I do it would be either A new Hope or The Empire strikes back. Used to watch them a lot, but not recently. For some reason the new movies got me less excited about Star Wars.

Pans Labyrinth is a really good Fantasy movie. I added Untocuables on mine too, watched it only 3 times but thoroughly enjoyed it. I used to like Kevin Costner, Waterworld used to be a guilty pleasure of mine. Wathced that movie on VHS with my mother at least 7-10 times, but not since then :smiley:

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Zulu is a classic! Got me in the mood to watch this again.

V for Vendetta I always wrote off. So its good? See that poppin up as well.

I kinda enjoyed the tone of it, and it got a very consistent slower pace. I saw it a couple of times but never went out of my way like “I really wanna see V for Vendetta” today. It is very predictable, ideological and full of cliches but in that lies its charm.

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Aye, based on a comic book of the 80’s which followed exactly the same themes and is itself very reminiscent of the book 1984. By the time they got round to making the film it’s almost a stereotype of itself. But, as there’s “nothing new under the sun” and “the tale is in the telling”, this is a great film. Wonderful performance from Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving bravely never revealing his face when career wise he would have had a good argument to try and get his face out there. Not perfect, but an excellent watch.


I’m not a massive film person… but:

A - Akira
B - The Baader Meinhof Complex, Black Hawk Down
C - Clear and Present Danger
D - Die Hard, Donnie Brasco, Dirty Dancing (don’t ask)
E - Emma (not the latest one, that’s shit)
F -
G - GoodFellas
H -
I - Inception
J - Jackie Brown
K - Kill Bill, Kick-Ass
L - Layer Cake, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Living Daylights
M - Munich
N -
O - Omen (originals), Octopussy
P - Pulp Fiction
Q -
R - Rambo First Blood, Reservoir Dogs, Romeo & Juliet
S - Scott Pilgrim, Snatch
T -
U -
V -
W - The Warriors, Waltz with Bashir
X -
Y -
Z - Zulu


Looks like I need to watch Munich too. I’m suprised Akira is so popular.

Why is Dirty Dancing on your list Jester? I admit I watched that at least 3 times, mostly with my mother around 15 years ago.

Scott Pilgrim… good shout!, Romeo & Juliet (Leo film) another good choice


Warriors! Come out to play yay!

Love that movie. goodfellas! Defo need to add that to my list one of my all time favs.

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I, however, am not


Added a couple.

Fifth Element. Good shout @Zorndar love that movie. Good fun, good visuals. And well Mila Jovovich! Enough said.
Fish Called Wanda. I can remember watching this casually for the first time when I was still living at home. I dont know, must have been about 17 maybe. And it came on late at night just before I was heading to bed. I was channel surfing. Looking for the softporn probably. But this caught my attention for a minute. I just remember my mum asking me what I had been laughing at so much the following day! Stuck with me. Had me in stitches. I may have been slightly drunk and stoned.

Goodfellas! well. Just amazing story telling. Great actors, brutal and brilliant.
Two days in the valley - Just a good stylish dark comedy. James “blacklist” Spader.


Akira is amazing - hence my avatar… :slight_smile: Got me into motorbikes… to the point where I hung around with the “wrong” people for a bit…

I have seen Dirty Dancing about… 20 times… at least. Pauline’s favourite film. The more I watched it, the more, actually, you appreciate the story - like, start analysing the characters as if you were going a piece of GCSE homework on it or something. There are some complexities that aren’t apparent on the surface - so I actually rate it as a film. Plus got some good music.

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