Account recovery (please read)

Does everyone have a backup plan if your phone was stolen/lost/broken and you couldn’t use your phone for
i) identifying yourself to google for account recovery
ii) accessing authentication apps

Does everyone have printed out backup codes for their gmail (or primary email) accounts? If you don’t, please print some out now. If you do, go and check to make sure they are where you think they are.
Do you have access to a secondary email account to regain access to your primary
Do you actually remember those security answers for the questions (MS accounts) or when you created your google account

I thought was was very smart until I had to reset my laptop yesterday and had my phone die today causing me to lose access to nearly all of my accounts because everything was behind a password manager that needed 2 factor authentication and I couldn’t get direct access to my accounts because I couldn’t adequately identify myself.

I was lucky as my phone started working again

I have a method of backup that I use, but I don’t wish to share it publicly :slight_smile:

But yes, good advice - ALWAYS have backup codes of your 2FF accounts. You can’t recover them if you change your phone