Adeptus Titanicus Dominus

Has anyone (@NaloaC) tried this??

Ive been watching for a while, and curious?


Last played it about Auguast 2018 acording to steam but im sure i played it last year some time. It was ok back then but very buggy and controls were very annoying but it was still fun ordering mighty Titans around the battlefield.

Im sure it must have come a long way from back then and gotten better…

And welcome back Tak :smiley:

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I remember seeing some beta gameplay of this from Chapter Master Valrak and it just looked so… janky that I didn’t have any interest in it at all to be honest.

I’m very fucking keen to get the actual Adeptus Titanicus for the tabletop, because reasons.

Apparently, the new AT Warlord models are larger than the new Primaris dreadnoughts!


it has come on alot, and does seem alot better :slight_smile:

and yea I saw the starter set the other day in a model shop… looks freaking amazing (and price tag to fit) the table top would be bloody amazing to play (shame not a game like battlefleet gothic but titans heh)


For reference, someone sent me this on Twitter:

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yea going by the box of the starter set they are pretty impressive! though they don’t have a imperator class yet… would love to see that bad boy (currently reading horus herasy and reading about the Dies Irae in ishtan 3…)

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There’s been no word on an Imperator yet.

I think the main thing that is putting me off on this game is the close-in camera work. The game models just look… bad. It looks like a mod for something.

Supreme Commander had more fidelity in the unit models. :confused:

oh I was on about the table top one there heh, but yea models still need work but I think it will be good once get some more work going on it :slight_smile: need some new videos to see how its panning out

and yea would love an imperator class titan in either game! or the silly big thing that the chaos had?>??

Aye, so was I :slight_smile:

I am seriously considering getting AT, but maybe towards the end of the year.

As far as Dominus goes, I’ll keep an eye on it I guess and see how it pans out.

ahhh so,

yea watching the PC game, and if ya do lemmie know how it goes… I am tempted but again its alot up front…