Adrock Adrock. Kills them all

Well. This round wasn’t going well. Then @adrock.

Well played sir.


Jes, it looks like your character has eaten ALL of the mince pies!


Guess I dont need to post this

bit like real life…

I thought his neck was broken gotta get them angles :grin:

Sorry about dropping guys, I’d had my limit of dealing with the trash of the universe in work and couldn’t cope with doing it while I’m trying to enjoy my hobby.

Crap way to deal with it because it’s punishing you guys more than it is the pubbers, but I just don’t want to treat these kinds of players with the respect of sticking around to indulge their shenanigans.

aye buggs, i’ve < INSERT long medical shenanigans name> which means my necks a bit fucked. BUT YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DRAW ATTENTION TO IT! :frowning:

cheers guys, that was a good round in the end :slight_smile:

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my claymore saved the day… :wink: