Advice: Headlight for Cycle

I know we have a few cyclist on here like @st00kz and @Leepants etc - so hopefully I can get a good recommendation.

Nights are drawing in. Last year when I cycled home from work in the dark my LED light didn’t cut it on the stretch from the city to my village (off road cycle path, unlit, countryside) - Absolute nightmare, couldn’t see a fecking thing… even worse when a car with their lights on came the opposite way.

Currently have this:

Like I said, not good enough for complete darkness.

So this year, need a decent light. Whatcha think I should get? No budget limit - but nothing stupid…

So i use this one

Lifeline 2000

Good for the winter…4 settings so you can adjust to save battery. Also has a flash mode for summer.
It also attaches with a similar system to a garmin computer…twist on and off…so easy when you get to your destination to pop in the bag. It lights up the world on full…battery seems quite good as well… I ll bet any derivative of this lamp is ok…

I have used the ones with seperate battery packs from amazon etc…they are fine…

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On my wish list

I already have the rear radar light which paired with the garmin edge 100 is amazing…so gonna to finish the set up…Maybe santa will be kind :stuck_out_tongue:

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That lifeline Pavo looks good. Is it certified waterproof?

Ive been running one of these for bloody ages

Mines the older version of this one but it works like a dream. Even had my mate here at work saying he wishes he could put this light on the front of his motorbike .

Im just running a £3 red led light from Ebay on the back. Very bright and works like a dream

and i have one of these hanging off my ruck sack :slight_smile:)

Ive had mine out in the pissing wet rain…no issues whatsoever…Dont even think about it…even hose it down when its dirty… :+1: :nerd_face:

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i bought some additional handlebar mounts for the pava so i could swap it between bikes in seconds

Spare mounts

I second st00kz’s Lezyne recommendation. I have an older model, front and rear, and they worked without issue for years. Rear light failed 3 weeks ago but manged to replace the rechargeable battery so it’s running again.

It’s important to point out that I’ve only used them for city cycling, not in the countryside. You may need something stronger for that stretch of the cycle. Also make sure you’re wearing high visibility gear

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