Alien Isolation digital series by IGN


Saw this mentioned on the Steam news page for Alien Isolation (it was the last game I played, still need to finish my nightmare mode re-run!)

From the article on Eurogamer:

Here’s an odd one: Alien: Isolation’s cutscenes are now an official digital series.

20th Century fox has taken the cutscnes from Creative Assembly’s superb 2014 stealth horror game, added to them and packaged them into a seven episode digital series that kicks off today on IGN.

Spliced together are cinematics taken from the game, first-person scenes from the game that were re-shot and edited for the series, and new scenes.

Whilst Amanda in the re-rendered bit’s doesn’t really look like Amanda as she was in the game this was still pretty cool but I luffs all things alien!

The Ironic thing is IGN panned the game pretty badly in their review because it was “too hard” :rofl:

Its a 7 part series.

The trailer:

If you have not played the game this doesn’t really give too many spoilers if you were thinking about playing the game after all these years.

Episodes below if you feel like it might be worth a watch. :slight_smile:



There’s a bunch of 40th Anniversary of Alien shorts being released weekly on YT:

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What the hell is with the shocking lack of health and safety in the Alien Universe.

I enjoyed the second more than the first. I think after 40 years we might be be reaching the limit of how many times they can retell the same story over and over again in the same universe. Just how cavalier scientists are about lab specimen quarantine?, surely this must have been brought up at a review meeting at this stage

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