All things Tabletop/Miniature/Boardgames Kickstarter thread


Hell, squats are quite the collectors thing these days since they got ret-conned and utterly canned by GW. :smiley:

The new GSC models are quite nice:


Motherfuckin’ Ambull!!!

And the mech version: The Ambot! :smiley:


Official image from GW of the Ambot and Ambull.

No thread mechanics, I WILL keep posting and refuse to give others the chance! :smiley:


Apparently the Ambot kit comes with enough parts to make two of the bastards! Gonna be a must-buy for me. Gorgeous models!

I played “King of Tokyo” with @DM501 and @Morrow in Belgium and it was really good fun! Simple enough to play (you figure out the rules in 3-4 turns) but can lead to fun dynamics in either assisting another player to prevent someone else winning or just being an outright bastard to everyone. Would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a fun boardgame (~30 playtime).


Yeah, that was a surprisingly good laugh. Was expecting it to be fairly simple and mostly rely on the aesthetic and quirkiness, but it was one of those where simple but fairly deep mechanics combined with competitive malevolence made for some pretty investing gameplay :smiley:

Of course, it doesn’t matter either way, because Morrow will win.


Win without competitive malevolence!


I’ve really fancied this but as DM said, it looked like it would be fairly shallow which turned me off given the price and all of the expansions released for it.

Good though?

@DM501 / @Morrow : Which set do you have? Is it just a base set or a special edition?

Speaking of spending money on plastic crack and boardgames and being ever the slag for CoolMiniOrNot stuff, I’ve been watching Potion Explosion on Amazon slowly decrease in price and think I might pick it up soon:


We don’t actually own a copy, we were just using a demo version of the game at the local board games store. It seemed like the regular edition though, from what I remember.

For my part though, I’d recommend it. I don’t have masses of boardgaming experiences, but it reminded me of a half-hour version of something like Chaos in the Old World. Competitive, always feeling like the next turn could change things massively and fun enough to keep things interesting. Of course, your mileage may differ.


Almightyrastus on Bit-Tech has printed off his own Warlord Titan in the last few months… on a 200 quid printer…


Me Want loads :slight_smile:


Is the Warlord the big fecker at the back ?


Yep indeedy! Consider that the tiny fella at the front is a normal 32mm Games Workshop model :slight_smile:

The big fecker at the back, if you were to buy the legitimate model from Forge World is about €1,500 to buy.


Well, i have 9 out of 10 models built for Necromunda for my Van Saar gang at the moment.

The last one is going to be a juve build with dual las-pistols (Juves cannot be armed with any bit of equipment greater than 20 credits), which rules out a lot of things for them :confused:

I had a read through the gang book last night and fuck me, they have added a lot to the game. Those Ambots looks insanely cool spec-wise. If you manage to capture one, you can add it to your gang for free! Provided your gang has enough reputation to add a “hanger on”.