All things Tabletop/Miniature/Boardgames thread


Stuff ya seen and/or stuff ya kicked.

Woke up the other day to find I’d been trawling Kickstarter pissed and kicked this:

Zombie Doctor - The Zombie Card Game

  • £2,911 pledged of £5,000 goal / 137 backers
  • 9 days to go
  • Link

Zombie Doctor is a frantic card-turning game. Amputate, reattach and swap limbs to survive. It’s your turn not to turn!

The game is designed for 2-4 players (preferably 4), lasts for around 60 minutes and is suitable for ages 15+, due to the comic zombie gore. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and is suitable to play at parties or if you have a spare hour with friends and family. The game is easy to learn but the elements of luck and strategy will keep avid board gamers entertained and challenged.

Still time, but a risk this won’t get through I think.

I was also watching but forgot about and missed but were kicked:

Spy Club

  • Kicked: 768 backers pledged $32,714
  • Original goal: $15,000
  • Link

Spy Club is a new cooperative board game from publisher Foxtrot Games. Acting as young detectives, players work together to solve neighborhood mysteries. Spy Club includes unlockable content that changes the game every time you play, along with a way to play a series of 5 games connected together to tell a larger story.

Potato Pirates: The Tastiest Coding Card Game

  • Kicked: 5,061 backers pledged $258,408
  • Original goal: $15,000
  • Link

There are 7 Potato King cards hidden at random in the deck. Be the first to collect all 7 Potato King cards by roasting, mashing and frying other potato pirates. Power up your attacks with programming concepts such as loops and conditionals. Alternatively, eliminate all enemies and be the last Potato Pirate sailing to win the game.

And another that I missed but they decided to pull it because “Because we got incredible feedback by all of you on how much the Zero Gravity concept is interesting and we believe that such opportunity deserves additional work to make this message clear, bullet-proof and widespread. We hope you will be with us in this journey, which is still at day 1.”

Sounds a bit iffy, but still looked cool:

Zero Gravity: A Magnetic Miniatures Game

  • Cancelled with €44,955 pledged of €25,000 goal with 542 backers
  • Link

Zero Gravity is a capture the flag game for 2-4 players, featuring more than 80 magnetic miniatures (40mm) and a 3D arena. Each player controls a team of 14 miniatures that aims at scoring the target amount of Cheers (points) and win the game. Zero Gravity redefines the concept of strategy with a fresh and incredible 3D environment!

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I’ve got my eye on this for no good reason, especially since Necromunda Gang War: 2 is being released on Feb 18th.

The 100 sterling kick gets you a fuck-ton of stuff and there is a 30 quid expansion with Deadspace lookin’ motherfuckers.





They hit the 3 million mark in the end. 3,080,000 to be more or less precise.

I went for the 133 sterling kick, because I am fucking weak for shiny stuff.

No more I say! NO MORE!

Actually, that’s a lie. I bought these:


The local brick and mortar has been posting projects they’ve Retail-kicked on their Facebook page and I think I need to unlike them before I spend all my money.

Chronicles of Crime

Into The Black: Boarding Party


Board an enemy star ship, loot and plunder, complete your objectives and survive!
Take on the role a fierce band of space pirates who have boarded an enemy vessel, set on accomplishing your mission while each pirate also has their own secret goal to fulfill. Explore and loot the vessel of its bounty, fend off a seemingly unending wave of enemy defenders and encounter a potentially lethal series of events around every corner; All this while keeping morale high as the clock ticks down to your potential capture. Be wary of the possible traitor lurking among you, out for personal glory at the expense of the rest of the crew!


@Jester - on this topic, are there any BS updates?


Yes - we are launching for (I believe) Game Expo 2018 (Either just before or just after)

I’m in the process of sorting the website which should be up in about a week. We’ve got the rulebook nearly completed and all other parts like the box etc.

Still lots to do, but it will be going ahead.


One for @RoGuE or @spoonlamp ?

Strontium Dog.

This fast-paced tabletop miniatures game allows two or more players to fight out scenes from the Strontium Dog universe defined by legendary comic creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Players take control of a small team of bounty hunters or the outlaws, criminals and renegades they hunt in gun battles, chases and showdowns across the galaxy.

This starter game is based around the classic confrontation between mutant Search/Destroy agents (AKA Strontium Dogs) Johnny Alpha & Wulf Sternhammer and the infamous Max Bubba’s gang – a pivotal storyline within the pages of the galaxy’s greatest comic – 2000 AD.

Containing all the game rules, a scenario booklet to help you learn the game and refight the S/D Agents’ showdown with their mutant foes, as well as superbly detailed miniatures to fight over the solar farm scenery, this is a great way to get started with your Strontium Dog games.

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Yeah that looks really cool!


FUCK! I said I wouldn’t!

Some of those models look amazing!


HOLY FUCK! Look at the size of the Thunderjaw model!

Methinks I’m dropping stupid money on this in the morning.

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Whoops… Wallet not happy.


So… I accidentally did the super pledge on this. I was going to amend it to just get some of the big models… got called away. Whoops.

Fuck it. In 18 months time when 150+ miniatures turn up on my doorstep, I won’t care :smiley:


Waiting on this box o’ stuff to get to me this year:

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Whoop! My copy of Nemesis is ready for shipping apparently.

Should have it by the end of the month :slight_smile:

Holy fuck… estimated weight is 10KG! :open_mouth:


10kg of plastic crack!

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I sub to a miniature painting sub on reddit and this model came up:

So I went looking at the site. That model is £65 so definitely not getting that, but they’ve got loads of good stuff. I’m going to pick these up next month:




The site is Blacksunminiatures. They’ve got a few others I’d love but are just a bit too expensive for what they are:

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It appears that Vigilus (safe haven, as far as 40K lore goes) is gonna have something massive for the end of the year.

They’re rolling out some impressive mini’s for the next open day!

Primaris Marneus Calgar:

Funky Chaos Raptor lord?

A Titan… with a Titan-class siege cannon…


cries in wallet

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Oh man that Titan is lovely