All things Tabletop/Miniature/Boardgames thread


Well, Nemesis should be here during the week. 5Kg’s of boardgame goodies :smiley:


I used to play all kinds of rpg’s when I was younger, really loved them with a good crew. So I was very pleased when my wife told me that our 10yo daughter has been playing D&D at school and wants to play it at home!
Ordered the boxed set of 3 core rulebooks “for her” and they’re arriving tomorrow :+1::unicorn:


My Sunday game’s sorcerer turned up yesterday with miniatures he’s made of all our characters, including scratch building my Aarakocra monk with putty on a wire frame :smiley:


Thats absolutely awesome, what a brilliant friend!

Any pics?


Our DM took some but it was quite dark, i’ll post some when i get them.

he collected GW stuff 20 years ago and decided to get back into it off the back of starting playing D&D.


Our boxed set turned up today - it’s a beautiful box, but want to leave the opening to our daughter - MUST RESIST!!

Anyone got any pointers for beginner campaigns? I’ve never spent long enough in the D&D world to get any sense of geography or what builds into what…wifey already suggesting that we get granny and grandpa involved for a session over Christmas!


May be worth having a look at quite a few pre-made adventures on there and plenty of “pay what you want” stuff from maps, NPCs through to full campaigns.


My first campaign since high school we played through Storm King’s thunder. it’s level 1-10 i believe. Our DM added bits here and there based on what we wanted to do, but you can find streams of people playing it and plenty of people will have experience of it, so it might be a good stepping off point. It’s their standard fantasy setting where just about anything goes, so it can fit a lot of play styles. It took us maybe 18 months playing once a week so it’s a fair investment fo time, though you can start at the begining and see how you go, there’re various points you could step out and do something else. What/How do they like to play?

If you’re wanting something shorter or simpler, dmsguild is a great source, or you can pick individual bits out of any book/boxed campaigns. I have pdfs for a bunch if you want to give them a look and see if they’re something you’d want to invest in.

heroforge, if you’re not aware of it already, is worth a look if they get a character they’re really attached to.

I’m playing right now :smiley:


Received 10Kg’s of tabletop goodness this week so far :smiley:

Nemesis boardgame turned up yesterday and a box of Necromunda gear arrived on Monday before I left for the UK.

More plastic crack!


Going to try my very first in-person, vampire the Masquerade v5 tabletop session tomorrow! Got in touch with some local gaming Facebook groups and found more interest in World of Darkness than I was expecting. Storyteller is hosting a one-shot to introduce people to the game world as they’re mainly familiar with D&D.





I broke my storyteller before the game even started by mentioning glitter ( - he mentioned it first though)


Some mad bastard on Bit-Tech is 3D printing an Imperial Warlord Titan!

Legs, main weapons, body, head are all done… 4 rolls of filament used so far.

On another note, my eldest niece has been curious about how I paint some of my miniatures… “They’re so small, how do you do the detail!?” so I’ve suggested getting her a few bits and pieces as a birthday/christmas present.

She was going to go for some massive Warhammer Age of Sigmar creature, but now we have come up with the idea that we will each pick a gang from Necromunda (she wants Escher, I’m going with Van Saar), build them together, paint them together and learn the game as well.

This could go horribly wrong, but could be epic too :slight_smile:


I’ve been slowly edging Kate in to things in a similar way but starting with boardgames first and then some painting to try and tip her in to wanting to try out a game of 40k with her First Strike box.

Just need to get back to the painting so she has some tasty looking models she wants to play with!


First wave of Nemesis arrived this week:


This would be super helpful I think. I know that my daughter and wife and I will want to continue playing but I’m going to try and get granny and grandpa playing at least for one session, hopefully a couple over Christmas. My plan is to just offer up a bunch of ready made characters for them to play but let my girl make her own. I’ll literally be running a short taster session which can be turned into 2 sessions or 3 if the older 2 can muster the energy! The kicker is that the books are now wrapped and I can’t get into the DM book to rustle anything up for them until it’s opened on Christmas. No point splurging on a £40 hard back campaign book just yet. I’ve GM’d a ton in the past and have no problem scaling on the fly, so if you’ve got anything I can use as a template that would be really handy!


Got this from Lidl for actually showing off the minis I have :slight_smile:

And a fuck-ton of paints!



I’ve been really good at stopping myself buying any more but I’ve been terrible at doing anything with the ones I already have…


I was attempting to buy a Land Raider as I think it’s about damn time I owned one. Neither Cork nor Dublin had any in stock. This has me curious as to whether something might be released soon to update it.

There were Razorbacks, Rhinos and Predators galore… but nothing other than Chaos Land Raiders… Hmmm.