All things Tabletop/Miniature/Boardgames thread


Or could they be trying to push more people to buy the new Grav tank?


There’s nowhere near enough firepower on it I think. Plus, the Land Raider is an iconic tank, up there with the Leman Russ for the Guard.


Something to do with the new Vigilus stuff? A new raider for the campaign or some new fluff about a new STC?


Someone in the GW Dublin store said that there are solid rumours of Primaris Terminators being released. That would make me very happy.


I’ve heard nothing but bad things on the Facetoob 40k sites regarding Land Raiders. It seems they’ve been off their groove for some time, whether that’s points or firepower I couldn’t say, but people are getting their pew in other ways. Whirlwind seems to be where it’s at, but that’s hardly the iconic mobile boom-stick the land raider of old used to be…


The only positive time I’ve seen Land Raiders mentioned is as pure transport for Termis and/or Girlyman. I don’t actually see loads of mention of armour anymore thinking about it.


Well, the building has begun!

My nieces going over the instructions on how to build the base gangers for Escher from Necromunda.

Her first build!!!

Our evenings work in total. one champion and one ganger for Van Saar on the left and 2 gangers for Escher on the right.


Don’t know if anyone else remembers hearing that Vin Diesel plays D&D, but here we are…


Also, anyone who watched that old vampire series or Daredevil will be familiar with Deborah Ann Woll;


She was on critical role last week.

Joe Manganiello and Big Show playing D&D:


There is one amongst us who needs this;



Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures posted this photo up a few weeks ago of his custom Van Saar Specialist with a Rad Cannon. Needless to say, it’s fucking ace.

Now, he is obviously keeping the original, but says he isn’t painting it, but he did get 13 copies of it made. 12 of those are going out to friends and family and whisky suppliers.

I have previously sent him whisky as part of the Minigun model he made a couple of years ago…

He sent me a message last night when I was down in the local and said he had one spare, in exchange for a bottle of Henry Downse No. 9 special blend. :smiley:

I r!


Am after a board game to start with my baba I was thinking dnd but never played it myself always wanted to but never did


Depends on the kind of boardgame you want to start with I guess.

I played Pandemic the other day, it’s like reverse Risk. Instead of conquering the world, you have to work together and try and save it. Good fun and not too long.

Carcassone and Settlers are two fun ones too.


DnD (or any rpg) can be as simple as you like if you want to go that route. Just treat it like the old adventure books you used to get, but you’re reading the book to her FROM YOUR BRAIN! She plays the lead character in your story, make up a helpful or un-helpful companion (for exposition, world guidance, tips, hints, or just an extra sword in a battle), get her invested in her character and let fly!

I’ll be starting Aerin on a small campaign this week, hoping to get granny and grandpa involved as “friendly locals who move on” when we leave their’s and come home :wink:

For fast simple fun I recommend Exploding kittens and she also really enjoyed playing Jes’s Blame Game!


Why the hell didn’t I think of that! Good shout!


We play exploding kittens Jesse’s is a brilliant shout though!




GW Open Day is on today, so fingers crossed that there are some new Primaris reveals.

Genestealer cults are getting a shit-load of new models ahead of their new codex being released.


i remember hunting down 2e 'stealer cultists from carboot sales and market stalls as my friend had an army but the only minis produced at the time were the plastic 'stealers from spacehulk and the magus. I think we capped out at a couple of dozen hybrids; i have a soft spot for the old plastic chaos missile launcher:

My ‘difficult to find not in production’ army was squats, and there are still 40 odd of them in a case in my folks attic.

good times :smiley: