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Hell, squats are quite the collectors thing these days since they got ret-conned and utterly canned by GW. :smiley:

The new GSC models are quite nice:


Motherfuckin’ Ambull!!!

And the mech version: The Ambot! :smiley:


Official image from GW of the Ambot and Ambull.

No thread mechanics, I WILL keep posting and refuse to give others the chance! :smiley:


Apparently the Ambot kit comes with enough parts to make two of the bastards! Gonna be a must-buy for me. Gorgeous models!

I played “King of Tokyo” with @DM501 and @Morrow in Belgium and it was really good fun! Simple enough to play (you figure out the rules in 3-4 turns) but can lead to fun dynamics in either assisting another player to prevent someone else winning or just being an outright bastard to everyone. Would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a fun boardgame (~30 playtime).


Yeah, that was a surprisingly good laugh. Was expecting it to be fairly simple and mostly rely on the aesthetic and quirkiness, but it was one of those where simple but fairly deep mechanics combined with competitive malevolence made for some pretty investing gameplay :smiley:

Of course, it doesn’t matter either way, because Morrow will win.


Win without competitive malevolence!


I’ve really fancied this but as DM said, it looked like it would be fairly shallow which turned me off given the price and all of the expansions released for it.

Good though?

@DM501 / @Morrow : Which set do you have? Is it just a base set or a special edition?

Speaking of spending money on plastic crack and boardgames and being ever the slag for CoolMiniOrNot stuff, I’ve been watching Potion Explosion on Amazon slowly decrease in price and think I might pick it up soon:


We don’t actually own a copy, we were just using a demo version of the game at the local board games store. It seemed like the regular edition though, from what I remember.

For my part though, I’d recommend it. I don’t have masses of boardgaming experiences, but it reminded me of a half-hour version of something like Chaos in the Old World. Competitive, always feeling like the next turn could change things massively and fun enough to keep things interesting. Of course, your mileage may differ.


Almightyrastus on Bit-Tech has printed off his own Warlord Titan in the last few months… on a 200 quid printer…


Me Want loads :slight_smile:


Is the Warlord the big fecker at the back ?


Yep indeedy! Consider that the tiny fella at the front is a normal 32mm Games Workshop model :slight_smile:

The big fecker at the back, if you were to buy the legitimate model from Forge World is about €1,500 to buy.


Well, i have 9 out of 10 models built for Necromunda for my Van Saar gang at the moment.

The last one is going to be a juve build with dual las-pistols (Juves cannot be armed with any bit of equipment greater than 20 credits), which rules out a lot of things for them :confused:

I had a read through the gang book last night and fuck me, they have added a lot to the game. Those Ambots looks insanely cool spec-wise. If you manage to capture one, you can add it to your gang for free! Provided your gang has enough reputation to add a “hanger on”.


Just had 2 rounds of Necromunda with my niece…
@vredesbyrd @spoonlamp @Buggsy

I got my ass kicked. I rolled so many natural 1’s and failed ammo tests…

A Van Saar ganger stepped out of the gloom, ready to unleash hell at the pompous Escher who had fired upon him, line up the shot, only to see the woman go down with a minor flesh wound. Thinking he would finish he off, he wasn’t prepared for what followed…

The Escher champion, wielding a chem-thrower paced up the corridor, igniter glowing brilliantly in the darkness of the tunnel. She saw her friend lying on the ground, blood running from a small gunshot wound to the shoulder. Enraged, she quickly checked what was in front of her and saw the arrogant Van Saar gang ahead of her. Raising the barrel of the chem thrower, she knew that chems would do nothing to them, so she flicked the activation switch on her fuel line and unleashed a gout of raging promethium upon the snivelling Van Saar ganger and indeed their damned leader ahead of her! Their bodysuits melting to their bodies, but still standing.

As the Van Saar champion watched from around the corner as his leader and teammate were engulfed in flames, he knew what had to be done: retribution. The two others were frantically trying to put out the flames on their suits, while the champion strode forward, emboldened by the distinct whine of the plasma coil charging up. At this close range, there was no need for maximal power, a short burst of plasma would put whoever was around that corner into the slag heap. He aimed and fired at the Escher champion, only to see a solitary blast of plasma feebly leave the barrel and nigh-on dissipate against the champions chest. She ducked to the ground, but nothing more. The whine stopped… the damned plasma gun was out of charge and useless for this encounter.

As the Van Saar leader attempted to put out the flames, his teammate beside him succumbed to the flames and was left a smoking wreck on the ground. If his respirator was still functional, he may survive, but they had to get out of this fight first. He caught a glimpse of movement to his left and brought his eyes up to see another Escher moving towards him with her lasgun raised. A flash of light streaked down the tunnel and flew past his stomach. Bitch couldn’t aim worth a damn.

Squad 2 of the Van Saar started to move forward, hearing the commotion elsewhere in the tunnels, knowing that they had run into some trouble. Escher more than likely in these parts. The three of them should be able to handle whatever came their way with the amount of firepower they were packing. They strode forward with confidence, only for one of them to take a volley of autogun fire to the chest. Harmlessly ricocheting off his bodysuit, but stunned by the ferocity of the fire, he hit the deck hoping to avoid further punishment. To his right, another glanced around the corner, plasma pistol raised and loosed off a blast at full power at the attacker down the tunnel. A brilliant flash of searing plasma hurtled down the passageway, only to glance off its targets shoulder. This wasn’t going well.

The unmistakable roar of a bolter made the tunnel walls vibrate. Rocket-propelled ammunition screamed towards the group and squarely landing in the plasma-wielding gangers chest. He wasn’t going to be getting up from that any time soon… or ever.

Two of his crew lay on the ground. One with an exploded chest, the other panicking from the gunfire they had just received. He set his suppression laser to narrow burst, hoping that he could at least take one of these attackers down! As he aimed the weapon at their assailants, he count not one or two, but three Escher glaring at him. Already they were clambering over the obstacles in their way. Damn but they move fast, even in these confined quarters. There was nothing for it, drop one and hope the others back off. He should have stood still when he took the shot, but adrenaline had him moving at the same time. His foot slipped on the puddle of blood on the ground from his fallen comrade and the blast from his suppression laser only succeeded in suppressing some rust on a wall. The click of an empty power cell at the end made him all-too aware as to how bad a situation he was in.

Men bleeding, dead and burning. There was no hope of victory in taking this patch of turf…


Haha that’s brilliant


Nicely told Cal :slight_smile:

Did she have fun?


I think so! She was certainly laughing maniacally when she set my gang leader and ganger on fire!

She failed a few ammo rolls too though, so it isn’t all bad :smiley:

I honestly got my ass kicked. Escher are obscenely quick (5" movement range) and the girls can shoot.
Van Saar hit on a 2+ most of the time, but they have lower toughness, so they can’t really stop shit. I can’t believe I missed a point-blank melta gun shot…


So someone is running a board game club in work which I can’t join because I already stay behind for clubs/meetings three of the four nights and he third is my ‘dart day’ where I escape as close to 3pm as possible, which makes me a sad Vred.

BUT! I’ve spoken with the member of staff running it and asked if she’s alright with me joining when coursework is out of the way in June time and she’s said she’d love the help since she’s unfamiliar with a lot of the games she’s been given in staff donations (I’ve slung in my spare copies of Jes’s games that I had and a copy of ‘ZOMBIES!’).

So the initial plan is to take in Arcadia Quest and get through a campaign or two to weigh up how the kids get on with it and then…spend unreasonable amounts of money starting Necromunda in work.

That is the plan any way. It’ll give me proper motivation to get my gang sorted finally and I can work with the kids to get their own sorted since most of the attendance to the club are kids I teach in my GCSE classes and are extra strength nerds.

I’ll need to spin the whole “Table top game where we pretend to be part of a gang” thing in school. Failing that I’ll bring in Space Hulk and Dust Tactics and blast through them instead.

Canny waaait!

Also, I think I might have found a colour scheme for my Tau finally:


Original post.

I might swap the white out from my fear of painting white as anything other than a base coat, maybe go with a dark orange, maybe a really dark purple.


You sir are doing the Emprah’s work!

The base gang boxed sets are really fucking nice and highly adjustable. You can build the “as per the box art” gang, as that’s what the construction instructions show, or you can dick around with weapon choices and whatnot, but if it’s a campaign, you have to keep in mind the starting limitations in terms of weapons.

If you get Necromunda '17, get the new compendium books. They fixed a shitload of errata in them about certain rules. It’s also handier than having a bunch of different books which individually cover different gangs, but also have extra rules.

Having tried out Necro the other evening with Maiju, the new ruleset is nice. We used a simplified version of things (mainly because I couldn’t remember them all), but even with a dumbed down version, it was great fun.

Far more streamlined and with the alternating activation of fighters (one model from team A, then one from team B, then A, then B…) it made for a greater sense of it being a proper skirmish game, rather than a scaled-down tactical warfare approach. There are group activations too, but you have to consider the situation when you do that.

In terms of investment with scenery, as nice as GW stuff is, it’s kind of pointless in my mind. Big and imposing, but ultimately just flashy stuff. Sure, it helps to set the scene for a grim-dark gothic shithole, but it’s not really practical terrain.

There are loads of STL files out there for scatter terrain and walls, but there are dozens of others too. You built some of the Battle Systems terrain with me at the last session, so you know what that stuff is like.

The white on your tau won’t be too hard, it’s just a case of layering over and over until you get that nice smooth finish.


Back to the point on scenery, €90 will either get you this:

or it will get you enough cardboard scenery to deck out a 2’x2’ board to the gills from BattleSystems.