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No Necromunda in work ;(

I should have known really but because the kids in the club are generally more mature than their age would suggest I thought I might be able to swing it and call the Gangs ‘Clans’ instead - no go, school bosses want nothing associated with any form of gang culture in the building.

Probably going to just do Arcadia Quest, Space Hulk and Dust Tactics, maybe look in to Kill Team or Shadespire if they take off well.

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How come no Necro? Deemed too childish?



Just updated my post after realising I didn’t explain: Its the Gangs aspect.

They don’t want anything gang related or gang sounding in the building.

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Try it out as just a standard skirmish game? It’s different factions, that’s all really.



They probably read necro and thought “christ their gonna fuck corpses” I tried magic the gathering arena thing with my baba but was confusing :neutral_face:



Not the same kind of games but really easy to get in to and start playing in coop (and really fun), look up:

Escape the Dark Castle’ (I really want to play a game with @DM501 just to hear him read the scenarios on each card out in his wonderful voice):

Escape the Dark Castle is a casual, cooperative game of retro-atmospheric adventure.

Players take on the roles of prisoners, wrongfully incarcerated in the depths of The Dark Castle. Whether its the Abbot, the Tailor or the Cook, each prisoner is represented by a character card and a custom character dice showing that prisoners unique endowment of Might, Cunning and Wisdom the games three traits.

Embarking on a desperate quest to escape, the players must work together to overcome the castles many horrors, traps, and challenges - each of which is represented by an over-sized chapter card. 15 of these chapter cards are drawn at random from a larger deck to create a unique castle at the beginning of each game.

Gameplay involves one player revealing a new chapter card each turn, in a motion like turning a page of a storybook. There is no turn order. Instead, players decide as a group who will turn the next chapter card, and there are often grisly consequences for the one that does. When a card is turned, the next chamber or passageway into which the prisoners have stumbled is revealed.

Once revealed, the chapter card will explain the situation facing the group and what must be done to get through it. In the style of choose-your-path adventures, most chapters offer the group a choice about how to proceed. Bribe the drunken guards or attack them? Charge the beast or lure it out? Steal from the kitchen stores or keep moving?

Each chapter is a unique mini-game and a variety of mechanics are required to complete them, from push-your-luck dice rolling to the playing of item cards collected along the way that bolster players tactical abilities.When the players choose to enter (or fail to avoid) combat, all players roll simultaneously to make an attack against the enemy. They need to collectively muster the right combination of Might, Cunning and Wisdom to defeat the foe in question, or risk taking damage.

The goal of the game is to survive each scenario and escape the castle.

Five Minute Dungeon’:

Battle together…or perish in the game of 5-Minute Dungeon! You and your party of intrepid heroes are trapped in a series of five deadly dungeons. To make your way out, you must battle dangerous monsters, overcome treacherous obstacles and defeat maniacal Dungeon Bosses - all within 5 minutes! Start playing this thrilling card game by selecting one of ten heroes and the corresponding weapons deck. Choose monster, obstacle and dungeon boss cards and race to battle them all! In this travel game, perfect for taking wherever you go, there are no turns - all players slap their cards down as fast as they can! It takes teamwork and quick thinking to battle what lurks in the dungeon. So gather your courage and your wits and play the exciting game of 5-Minute Dungeon!

I’d also highly recommend Arcadia Quest even though it can get frighteningly expensive (Don’t bother with the expansions, at least not right away, they’re a proper price gouge fest and a lot of them don’t add much for what is being charged - beyond the grave looks like the only one worth getting but is the same price (if not more) as the base game). Takes a lot longer to get used to, but by the time you’ve done the first third of a campaign (two or three quests) you’ll be confident with it:

Arcadia has been taken over by the monstrous minions of the evil vampire Lord Fang, plunging the world into eternal night! You and up to 3 other players must gather your guilds, load them with gear and free the city of Arcadia while saving the day (literally)!

In Arcadia Quest, players build their guilds with 3 Heroes from a roster of 12, each of whom have their own unique abilities. As they progress through the branching campaign and free the districts of Arcadia from the occupying monsters, the Heroes earn new weapons, abilities, and magical items! Players use this loot in combination with their special abilities to become the most powerful guild in Arcadia.

Let nothing stop you! Arcadia Quest’s unique PvPvE gameplay allows you to target monsters and fellow players alike. At times you’ll team up to defeat the most fearsome of monstrous foes, only to turn on your previous allies later in the quest for the best loot!

Recruit unique Heroes, earn powerful loot, and build unstoppable combinations that decimate monsters. Dominate the other guilds with no game master required!

Because the miniatures come unpainted you could even pick up some paints and do a little with your favourite characters which despite being chibbi are pretty cool:



Posting that has actually made me want to go back to Arcadia Quest and play some more campaigns, even pick up the BTG expansion.

This thread costs me so much money…



It’s Caolan’s fault entirely.

All part of his master plan.



Look what I’ve just found:





Fuck yes! Custom Van Saar just arrived from Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures!



Some really nice looking things coming out from GW at their Horus Heresy weekender; HH White Scars, new titans, Warlord titan weapons and some other odds and ends for Blood Angels.

They also had a bunch of Necromunda announced as well;



Yep there is so real nice stuff…have to re mortgage the house :slight_smile:



I’m intrigued to what they’re going to do with the Guilders.

If you attacked a Guilder in the original game, you instantly became an outlaw. Could yield massive rewards initially, but it could be a huge struggle afterwards.

Nice to see that Ash Waste Nomads are getting some love too.

Now all I need are Spyrers!



Ooooh, the right most model in the bottom picture could make a good Cherubael conversion!

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Did a thing, placed an order for Arcadia Quest: Beyond the Grave expansion and Super Dungeon Explore…

Decided to cancel Super Dungeon Explore though to give us a chance to actually play through Arcadia.

Edit: Also forgot I kicked Battle of the Bards

I’m finding I’m being recommended a lot of Kickstarter projects that do look interesting but a lot of them are US only which is really annoying me.

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The Las Vegas Open Day is on this weekend and there’s a fuck-ton of stuff coming for GW in general, but all I’m interested in is the new 40,000 stuff.

There is a new boxed set coming with Black Legion and Primaris marines.

New Primaris scout snipers, a new Primaris Librarian and new “shock troops” for Primaris as well.

Black Legion troops are getting a complete overhaul as well, along with new Obliterators, some new Character and some weird bloated spider tank/walker thing.

Also… Abaddon is back!

Yeah… I might pick this box up as well. Fuck.







It’s like they got a sense of humour now!



That Hellbrute is a thing of beauty…



There are at least 2 variants of it. It’s not a Hellbrute though, it’s an Obliterator :slight_smile:

There are the old ones;

The other one has him looking to his right, while aiming a heavy flamer and with a massive gatling cannon mounted on the shoulder.