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Ah - that explains the fists, there was something wrong the ratio and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Oblits are feckin amazing but don’t seem to get any Nurgle Death Guard love…

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Im sure you need this Cal :slight_smile:



This would be more my style :wink:



This was the picture I mentioned on Discord:




As there is a lot of 40K/Nerco stuff in here, I’ve created a dedicated thread for KS. Of course, you can have any many threads on whatever you like guys… but you know that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, it looks like there are going to be some fucking excellent models in the next boxed set for 40K!



Yeah. The Chaos stuff is looking nice




There are some impressive looking things. There are hints of a new SM flyer unit, which should be a “primaris” unit as well as some new jump-pack troop with what appears to be a big fuck-off Autocannon.

I’m definitely going to pick up Shadowspear, I want more Primaris to sit in its shrinkwrap.

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Well, Abbadon is being revealed today at 16:00 GMT along with a bunch of other stuff I think.

I’ll have a looksee at what the final releases are for Shadowspear before I commit to buying anything more for the SM force.

The Shadowspear box itself is retailing at 105 sterling, which is more than the usual 95 sterling (Probably going to be €150 instead of €125). The chaos stuff is nice, especially the Obliterators, but there is no real need or want for me to get them other than they look cool. Once they release the individual kits, I’ll weigh it all up.

Slightly annoyed that I bought a box of scouts and then they released Primaris scouts now :confused:



For some reason I thought Abaddon died in the battle for Cadia, the way what I’ve read talked about his wounds made it sound like he was ready for the midden. I’ve not really liked the Abaddon models, he always looked too chunky and almost like a cos-play version of Horus (which I know he effectively is).

Ez-D just has the one Blackstone Fortress left right? With the one found near Precipe, thats two left after that one of his own he self destructed while it was being retaken and the three Imperial ones he did the same to right?

I wonder if Shadowspear is going to see a crossover with Blackstone Fortress with Ez-D having the vapours for the Fortresses but having lost five of the 6 he tried to capture - this new one in Precipe would be like biomass to a Tyranid.



I have no idea about the fluff these days!

All that I know about the Shadowspear box is that it’s meant to represent a reconnaissance mission to Nemendghast to gather information on the daemon engine that the planets manifactorum had been made into by Vorash Soulflayer to allow daemons to enter the material world easily. Hence the new possessed marines and daemon engines like the venom spitter and Obliterators.

The only SM to get out alive was a space marine librarian: Librarian Maltis, everyone else was annihilated.

The current rumour is that Abbadon is about to make planetfall in Vigilus and ol’ Robbie is on his way to try kick his ass.



Well, he’s back! Now, I’m no heretic, but damn this is a wonderful sculpt! :open_mouth:

They’ve made him a bit more imposing too in terms of size.

Alternative heads for him as well, the other one is a more stoic demeanour.

Then again, maybe the forces or chaos are influencing me…



Now THATS how you do an machine gun barrel, not that pumpaction dildo looking shit on the SM autocannon model.

And that is the best they’ve done Ez-D, though he still looks like a no-neck in that armour.



Don’t forget that standard scouts actually perform a very different function on the Battlefield and are Troops Units (2 HQ’s plus 3 Troops = Battalion with 5 command points), these new ones are very different and will be highly costed support troops. You can spam scouts for cheap - these Primaris guys are special

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He is HUGE now, wth? He’s not even a Primarch and he’s got to be about the same size as Gurlyman. I appreciate that “he’s been blessed by the chaos gods” but so has Mortarion and I think if you take the wings off him and stand them flat together there won;t be that much difference…

Wonder what they’ll do to Dante, if they ever get round to him…



Blood Angels could certainly do with new sculpts for Dante, Mephiston and Tycho (who has been around forever!).

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Hell yes to both of you there. I need some nice models of them. And when they do… Please make them better than sanguinius. Altho I will still buy him when it comes out to buy