Alternative to LoveFilm due to close down 31st October

I’m not sure how many if any at all use LoveFilm here, however here is the statement I received via email not long ago:

We have very much enjoyed delivering the LOVEFiLM By Post service to our customers. However, over the last few years we’ve seen a decreasing demand for Blu-ray and DVD rental as customers increasingly move to streaming. Due to this, we will be closing the LOVEFiLM By Post service on 31st October 2017.

Until then, you can continue to rent movies and TV shows on Blu-ray and DVD discs as usual. There is no need to take any action. You will not be billed for your LOVEFiLM subscription after 30th September 2017, and you can continue to enjoy the service until it closes on 31st October 2017.

I have been using the LoveFilm service for a while now as I still enjoy Blu Rays over streaming services if the film is available. So this sucks quite a lot, however I have since found an alternative :smiley:

Cinema Paradiso The “2-at-a-time & unlimited a month” Subscription is only slightly more than the LoveFilm one for Prime members at £11.98 (Although 1p cheaper if not a Prime member)

Cinema Paradiso have no intention of closing any time within the next few years, they even have 4K films for rental, not many but the catalogue is due to grow over time :slight_smile: I have noticed during my few weeks with them, that the turn around is far quicker than LoveFilm.

If anyone is interested in checking them out, let me know as they have a friend referral system:

As a member of Cinema Paradiso Online DVD and Blu-ray rental service, you send invitations to your friends to sign up to the service. Each friend will receive a free no obligation VIP trial pass to try our service. When your friend becomes a full paying subscriber we will credit your Cinema Paradiso account with 1/6th of your current subscription fee. Each month, as long as your friend stays with us, we will keep crediting your account with 1/6th of your subscription fee. The credit will be then used towards your subscription payment.