Amazon Echo Dot


Does anyone have on? I’m toying with the idea of getting one but not sure if it is really worth it. The dot is down to 50 quid.


i’ve got one though not used it much; still have the full size echo in the living room.

all depends on what you’re going to use it for/with and how well supported they are.


It would have been from mostly playing music until I watch a review and the dot doesnt have a speaker for that.


aye, the dot you can attach to whatever other system you’ve got; i intend to attach it to something in the livingroom and move the echo to the kitchen, but haven’t got round to the faff yet.


We have a dot. Use it mainly for music upstairs getting ready in the morning and stuff. Sound from the inbuilt speaker is fine for that. I was surprised at the sound quality on the dot as I was expecting it to be a lot worse.
If you are looking for more oomph then the Full size daddy (was down to £99 the other day) has pretty decent sound quality and decent volume on it. We use that downstairs in living room.


As a speaker, it’s not great. As a device (ITTT is good) it works. And I got full size thingy. If it’s good monies, get it. Plenty of development going on. It can do many things, many will be coming. If you use internet (amazon a lot) to get stuff and do stuff or want reports on stuff, it can be great. Would recommend a base unit to use as a charger / power supply, especially for showerinbg etc!!! It doesn’t have it’s own power supply so needs battery stand or has to be plugged in.