Amazon Lighting Deal - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB

Down to £105, not sure for how much longer


Ends in 01h 43m 55s (3.16pm I posted this!)

15% claimed so far. Tempted.

SHIT IT! Click the other buttons too - the tb is also reduced, but no stock until o3Apr18…

And last night I tried updating 2 Steam games - my 1tb SSD is full…

WAS full. Tempted, but frankly got other things to spend my pennies on.

EDIT:- Also 22% discount off the 4tb one, if you are billy-big-pockets!

but that’s what i paid for my 750GB ssd…20 months ago…

back up to 118 now, oh well :frowning:

Quickie - is the Pro worth £100 more than the evo?

For me, for ghaming / storage…


EDIT:- or would it be better to go for 860 pro?

I have an 860 1TB for general storage and a 960 M2 drive for my OS. Both are great.

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the pro’s have better performance and sometimes warranty, but to be honest i don’t notice much difference in performance between the various sata ssds i’ve got (cx300, mx500, intel 330, samsung 840 pro, samsung 850, samsung 850 pro). Size does make some difference, as the larger drives tend to be running more chips in parallel and get higher throughput as a result

The M2 drives on the other hand are noticeably faster, and i’d recommend them for running your OS if you get the opportunity (dem boot times), but again didn’t notice much in games.