Amazon Music Unlimited - Free for 3 Months [Promotion]

Over 50 Million Tracks. 3 Months free for new sign ups. £9.99 pm after or £7.99 for Prime members. Offer open 'til 21 July, 2020.

Pretty good deal in my opinion - I’ve used it and like it a lot. I do tend to chop and swap my music subscriptions every now and again.

Those interested, ZiiP Affiliated Link:


Kate and I both get our music through Amazon and have been paying the full monthly unlimited price for years now. Before this my entire library was pirated and its now dropped to maybe 10% of my music is still moody, most probably less. And you know what I’m like - Mr Entitled - I really feel I get value from it, opposite to how I feel about most of these kinds of services.

The app was designed by one of my Year 9s, the quality can be a bit dodgey sometimes (not Amazon’s fault, its down to the publisher/artist themselves apparently) and the streaming can be wonky sometimes - but - I have found maybe 3 artists who aren’t available through it, you can download the tracks and listen to them offline or transfer them to other devices (no DRM) and their recommendation features work really well.

This week I’ve added at least 10 albums to my library from the three or four recommendation features on the apps home page.

I despise Alexa, so I don’t use ANY of the cross-over features apart from just playing music, even then that only happens when the silly bastard can understand what I’m saying.

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i signed up to the music so my mum could use it now i use it religiously i mean its got all of billy talents albums and the work radio is bluetooth i piss off everyone with my indy pop
its a godsend i use it through google home in livs room an alexa throughout the flat not had a problem with it at all also theirs a car one you can get like alexa car thing thingy anyway
just wanted to say well worth it an if i didn’t already have it i would get it

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Yep. Use it. Only pay 4.99 for streaming one device at a time. As normally its either on Alexa in the house or my phone if m out.(pre covid).