Amazon Prime Day!


Amazon Prime Day starts tomorrow - from midday.

If there is anything that takes your fancy, be sure to support ZiiP by using this little link:



Nice shout Jes.

I’ve activated a free 30-day trial of Prime, so hopefully that will let me at least have a look at things.


Spent too much monies this weekend :’(


Can I spread that link?


Used the link to order some golf balls, as all mine seem to be attracted to long grass and hedges.


£84.99 for 500GB 860 - pretty good


That seems to have earned me £3 apparantly… :open_mouth:


going fast, but good deal…



Paste the page url of the item you want in to the search bar on the above site to see how prices have changed over time - gives a bit of insight in to just how good of a deal you’re getting.


Yeah, I’ve noticed a few are BS - as with any sale. It’s a case of Amazon saying their RRP is £130. The offer price is £80… but looking around on places like eBuyer, the actual price is about £110.

So there are saving, just not as huge a %

Good stuff goes fast too. QNAP 4 Drive NAS… 23% off… pretty much gone after timed launch (about 5 minutes ago)


Not that one only 2GB or ram!


Not sure how good these are but

Crucial MX500 2TB SSD - £259.99


Okay not the best of savings… But these are fucking cool!!

Stainless Steel Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones


the lego technic bucket excavator (42055) is the lowest it’s been (#108, vs #120ish normally, 150 from argos or 190 from lego direct).

I have no pound sign…


My only purchase so far:

Considered this for my home server:


I was looking at that UPS as well, but would be a bit overkill.


Commander pro on a deal for the next few hours - 20% off RRP.


I’ve just ordered this, because I needed a cheap keyboard for my MM.

£39.99 RRP (yeah right) down to £23.99… but if you click the voucher button and the special offer button on the listing, it comes in at £16. :slight_smile:

That’ll do for a Mechanical Keyboard. Decent reviews too - if genuine :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve decided not to buy these; 1 available via warehouse, which takes a further 20% off at checkout for prime day making them 364 quid and well worth it.


Ordered this. I hope the affiliate thing was still there(don’t know).
38 pounds so if it is bad I’ll just trow it in the skip.