AMD r9 390 Running Hot

Recently, I’ve found that my graphic card has been running hotter than usual. I’m not experiencing any artefacting or corruption - so I can only presume that it is declocking itself… The air coming out the exhaust is really hot. I took the side off and it was like an oven. The GFX card was so hot that it was untouchable.

CAM is reporting a max temp of 95 degrees under full load. I know AMD can handle high heat… but that’s really starting to push the limits.

Does it sound like its on its way out? It isn’t that old - got it the same time that @n0tch got his…

Is it a blower style cooler or a multi fan job that exhausts air into the case?

If the heatsinks are getting hot then it may not be the thermal compound but it might be worth re-applying some thermal compound to the GPU and see if that calm’s the temps down.

You’ll be losing performance if it runs mega hot and it will throttle to prevent a total meltdown.

Check that the fans are running properly.

MSi - 2 fans.

and yep - they seem to be…

Ok so now you need a compressor. You need to clean out all the dust from the actual cooling fins.

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They’re not too bad looking at them. I’ve cleaned plenty of heatsinks out in my time and you normally have a good clue on how bad they are by the state of the case… and my case is reasonably clean.

I’ll rip it apart tomorrow I guess.

I’ll run CAM and let you know my temps, Jes.

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Cheers mate. If you want to do a directly compare, I was running Gas Guzzlers and hitting 95 after a few constant races…

I just played the whole of the fighter pilot campaign missions in BF1 and it didn’t go over 65 degs. I doubt Gas Guzzlers would have more of a GFX load than BF1.

You’d be fucking surprised dude…

I’ll try Gas Guzzlers tonight then. Played it the other day, funnily enough. Didn’t have any metrics running though.

Surprised it’s not a blower fan with temps like that…

Couple of easy questions first:

  • Latest drivers?
  • Anything online about this card running hot?
  • Any obstructions to airflow in or around the back of your case? - Even with non-blower fan cards, I’ve seen cards react badly to not having enough exhaust room at the back, even if there is room, if your tower is under your desk the air might not be circulating away from the case enough - long shot though really, cards aren’t normally that sensetive.

Otherwise: How old is the card? (feel like I’ve asked you that before, on TS maybe?)

I had this with my old ATI 4870 1gb that had a blower fan. Ended up stripping the sucker down, cleaning and re-timming it since the TIM was nearly dry and it is still running strong to this day.

I’ve read a lot about some of the more recent AMD cards being power hungry and hot - which isn’t particularly helpful.

Just to add to this one. I have 2x 380 and even when they are fully running they do not reach 95. The top one will got to 85c. The driver thing is key here as there are some driver versions where the fan speed gets stuck at 20% and does not ramp up from there. Use DDU to clear the drivers and 17.8.2 version of the relive works fine for me. Just do not accept the Wattman EULA(under Gaming, Global settings) as that is a piece of shit and can cause all sorts of issues.


Cheers guys… you may be on to something regarding the drivers because a few weeks ago I did an OS reinstall… and would have reinstalled the drivers. I feel this is more likely the issue over dirt or age… but I’ll check everything.

Ok, did a clean reinstall of drivers, there was an update available too.

I think the fans are operating better. Pushing Gas Guzzlers in the same way I did yesterday, it reached about 83 degrees… so hot, but not boiling like 95.

I’m sure I could hear the fans more. CAM said they were up to 2200+ RPM under load.

I’ll rip it out and give it a clean out too… and then maybe look to see if there is other fan control software available.

At some point, I think I’d like a NZXT AIO loop on it.

Thanks for the advice guys. Appreciated.

Jester that looks a lot better and that card will most likely go up to 85 like mine do and will stay there under full load.

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No where near as much heat running ARMA III tonight. Defo the drivers I think :slight_smile:


Oooh forgot to follow this one up. Soz.

Out seeing Placebo at Brixton Acadamy tonight, but can check on Tuesday :slight_smile:

I didn’t update either!

I found the true problem… not just the drivers - it was the exhaust for the whole case… wasn’t kicking in because the fan speeds were governed by the CPU temp… which being unclocked and on a watercooled AIO loop, didn’t get hotter than 45-50 degrees under full load… so the system didn’t bother putting the case fans up as it thought the system was cool.

Few adjustments and now the case runs full blast whilst gaming and I get a cool breeze out the top instead of an oven.

GPU temps float around 70 now. :slight_smile:

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Double check dude, we we had tickets for Wolverhampton on Saturday and they cancelled because Brian was having problems with his voice.

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