AMD Ryzen 3000 Series

Well, I love my Ryzen 2700 (which btw is cheap as chips now as the 3000 series is launching).

The 3000’s look amazing - beating Intel out the box and having things like PCI 4.0 at a price cheap than Intel.

Linus (I know) has a vid.

Give a pretty good initial overview. Money allowing, this is something I will definitely invest in when I can… 12 Core! Woop!

Once, and IF, I get the job in Italy and got settled in I will get myself a 3800x I already asked myself and approved that very logical purchase!

I was eyeing on the Ryzen for a while now and I think its time. My 7700k, oced to 4.5GHz, is still defintely capable but for work and editing pictures its starting to show its age. This would be an awesome upgrade!

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No need for this for several years. It was only last year that I got my 2700X