Anthem Game (console/PC)


Anthem is an upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing video game being developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It is slated for a 2018 release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players will assume the role of a Freelancer, one of a group of bold and courageous people who leave their civilization to explore a lush and dangerous landscape.


Quote taken from here:

Anthem is essentially EA’s answer to Destiny: a shared-world shooter that aims to fully immerse players in a gigantic sci-fi universe. You play as a Freelancer (don’t call them Guardians) engaging in third-person, Mass Effect-style shootouts, armored up in your Javelin exosuit to explore and exterminate within some gigantic alien biomes. As you might expect, there’s an emphasis on party play (for up to four-player co-op) and the pursuit of increasingly impressive loot, and it’s promising to hear that Anthem will be penned by the writer of KOTOR and the first two Mass Effect games.



Keeping my eye on this one, E3 stuff looked good but we all know what happens after E3 trailers. Think i might have signed up for beta but I can not remember.

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I like the concept, borderline generic as it is: Mercenary space marines go out and murder the indigenous wildlife and populace for a chance to get a shinier gun! :smiley:

Aesthetics grab me from the teaser video, so we’ll have to wait and see if they can actually deliver on anything.

Co-op shooters are fun. The Division was and is, a really solid shooter, but with some horrific difficulty scaling in places when someone comes in a level or two higher. The 3rd person view was never an issue for me and if they manage to create a game-world that is as rich as that initial video, then it should add to it.

I’m not going to hold my breath at all, but rather just wait and see what they come up with. At least it’s got a solid team behind it.




Anthem, BioWare’s ambitious action role-playing game announced at E3 2017, will not come out until 2019, according to a report from Kotaku, representing a delay past the launch window originally said to be the last quarter of this year.



Sounds pretty standard for an MMO-esque game.



At least it’s running on a reliable engine… Time will tell if it’s any good.

Also, February 2019 is the new expected release date.

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I wont lie… I was giggling like a small child given free reign of a sweety shop…

this is my bag… this is me to a freaking TEA!

I’m struggling not to get hyped the fook up for this, basically a team of “iron man” going pew pew…

Im waiting for the full demo trailer later on, as they only showed a small snippet of it and cut… people there will see full thing (and supposedly a few select people are going to be able to play in a closed session…)

either way this will be a day 1 limited, special, collectors full on suit up and take all my money edition for me

(if you cant tell i REALLY want this game…)


  • Cosmetic-only microtransactions, no lootboxes
  • 30 FPS on consoles, unlocked framerate on PC
  • PC release same day as consoles
  • No snowy or desert areas
  • Anthem will be a GaaS, likely to be the only one in the series
  • Environmental destruction, unlikely to be permanent
  • Character creator, character is voiced, all are humans
  • No character creation after initial creation at launch
  • No AI party members
  • No romances
  • All Javelin classes are available, can swap outside of missions, no point to starting a new character
  • Hubs include Fort Tarsus, the forward base walkers (non-pilotable), and an “apartment”
  • No other players in hubs, hubs are for story progression
  • Non-infinite inventory
  • After tutorial, no missions have to be played solo, can start playing co-op right after
  • There are levelled areas that low-level characters should avoid at first
  • No underwater fights
  • Flying has a vertical limit
  • Conversation choices return, but branches are simpler
  • No co-op story decisions
  • No loot sharing, swapping, or stealing
  • Bioware trying to control for griefing as much as possible
  • “No answer” regarding public beta




i got burnt to hard by both destinys i know they have there fans and thats cool i get why they are loved but just didn’t hit what i was expecting and after playing MMOs for years and seeing Loot systems work in ways i prefer there.

|I’l see what the post launch is like before i take another look at this



I’m certainly going to wait and see what footage (uncut) comes out before I get too excited. I like the setting, but fear that it may be too generic.

There is also the fact that The Division 2 is coming out as well and on the back of how well that played, that would have my preference over this as it’s untested.

That being said, The Division took a year or more to really nail down the game mechanics and sufficient tweaks to make it silky smooth.



I shall be keeping my eye on this one. Does look interesting.



One thing about these videos is the cheesy players! Does not feel natural.

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to be fair if they tried to advertise and promote say Overwatch with the group of us here who play we would be locked up for the horrific things we say so i think it’s good they soft stereotypes for it


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I mean, technically the horrific things you say…

But, no, it’s cool, spread out the responsibility. We’ll bear the load for you :smiley:

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well mainly @Xander



Yep. An example (censored for sensible ears) And I won’t spread the blame @DM501 I’ll own “Sweary foul mouthed Welshman”:

On topic: Destiny but Iron man seems cool, but I’m too wary of EA’s business practices, so very much looking at this from afar.



…so very much looking at this from afar.

Ceiling @Xander?


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I mean, more like glancing over a newspaper at a passerby, not breaking into your attic and watching you jack off to people having sex in the missionary position, you sick fuck.