Anthem Game (console/PC)

Running my Plex mediacenter here. And also an Assetto Corsa server when I pull my finger from my arse and actually set it up.

Great chips.

Check the temps… pump up your fans if you can.

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Anyone about this evening for a run?

Sorry fella, I’m away on the road today and tomorrow. Might be on tomorrow evening, depending on what time I get back to Waterford.

Bit of agod roll here, finally making me change out my trusty winters wrath!



Anyone kicking around this evening? In the middle of a massive survey, but going to chill out this evening with some painting and gaming.

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See what time I get home at. Out witjnowkr drunk


I think the cataclysms might be ending in the next day or so. Anyone about this evening?

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Yeah, I’ll be on.

Spoon hit lvl 30 as well!


give me a shout when your ready to go

I won’t be on tonight fella. Sorry.

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Anyone want to run the cataclysms or a legendary stronghold this week? Not done a stronghold in a while and the legendary ones are meant to get good drops

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I should be up for this of you can let me know when. Think I’m at the cinema tomorrow night (Wed)

Tonight suit? Rumba few things with us at gm1 you’ll get hammered but drops will be better for you

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I can roll my Colossus on tank mode and could maybe possibly not be on my knees all the time :wink:

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Should have send hammered depending on your gear score but I did manage to pull @n0tch up pretty quick and @NaloaC leveled up quick too and that was before drops got a but better. You know your GS?

Not from work soz! I do have a few legendary bits of kit now though. When they first stated dropping I took a couple of phots;

Two good rolls on them too!

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Mrs has just gone out for a couple hours so jumping on now